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Fabric Light Boxes

Our LED boxes feature a back-lit fabric that tucks into the edges of the frame for a tight and clean look. The aluminum casing is heavy duty and is equipped for wall mount display.

Fabric Light Boxes

Our exclusive back-lit display system allows for reconfiguration making your display flexible and easy to change. We provide unique and cost effective merchandising solutions whether you need displays that are large/ small, interior/exterior, motion/stationary, for counter, wall, ceiling or pedestal application. Add the power of light to your products with Fabric Lightboxes systems. offers Fabric Lightboxes (Fab Box and Whistler) display for your promotions and advertisements trade show needs.

LED technology

These Fabric Lightboxes Displays use long lasting LED technology to illuminate printed fabric graphic and signs. Light is spread evenly throughout the surface and will pass through any backlit print graphic or picture. At, we sell several different sizes and styles of Fabric Lightboxes (Fab Box and Whistler) displays.

Fab Light Box

Fab Box display can also be wall-mounted. Fab Box illuminated lightboxes can be displayed horizontally or vertically in either presentation wall or countertop to hold landscape or portrait style pictures!

Whistler Light Box

Thiis light box features SEG UV fabric graphic and ED edge-lights. Removable graphics allows you to keep the frame and replace new graphics as desired. The aluminum frame has been designed for easy assembly.