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Fabric Video Walls & Rooms

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Fabric Video Walls & Rooms Displays

Whether you are looking for a way to draw attention and captivate your audience at a tradeshow, special event, or in a permanent environment, these tension fabric architectural structures are designed to impress.

Formulate Fabric Rooms create a stylish and unique oasis for meetings, theater style presentations, graphic displays, demonstrations and much
more. These rooms combine organic and architectural shapes with state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase dye-sublimated fabric graphics to create
dynamic and functional meeting and display spaces. With so many options in the Formulate line of fabric structures and displays, it's easy to mix
and match Formulate Rooms with other FORMulate accessories to create a truly customized look.

The Formulate Flower creates a unique and dynamic space for meetings, demonstrations and more! It connects four C-shaped structures to FORMulate an organic and elegant floral shape. The structure is 28ft 4in square, 11ft 5in tall and fits ideally within a large island space.

The Formulate Tree House is a cylinder-shaped space perfect for meetings, graphical displays, projected presentations, a theater setting and much more. The Tree House is 15ft in diameter, 8ft tall and features two 7ft tall doorways, encouraging traffic flow through the structure.

The Formulate Surf Wall is a C-shaped multimedia display that stands 11ft 5in tall with a width of 7ft 8in. With an organic, curved shape sustained by supporting legs, and a monitor mount for a monitor/TV, the Surf makes a distinctive statement in any space. Easily add more Surf Walls for an even bigger impact!

Two C-shaped structures are fused together to create a Tree shape with this sculptural, multimedia display. The Formulate Tree stands 11ft 5in tall and spans to 20ft 5in wide. The Formulate Tree includes two monitor mounts for use as a multimedia display.