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Flip 20ft Tension Fabric Trade Show Backwall Displays


FLIP 20ft exhibits incorporate layered, staggered walls that are connected to create a unique, dimensional and versatile display.
- versatile
- multi-layered 10' x 20'' backwall
- frame includes 2 OCE cases
- counters and lighting NOT included in kits
- for spin option, requires double-sided graphics
- for flip option, requires 2 sets of graphics or double-sided graphics


Double-sided graphics enable you to feature a different look, brand or messaging so you can SPIN from front to back OR use as a creative space divider for a larger space. With an easy graphic change, you can also FLIP from top to bottom to create a new, different exhibit and look for your next event. With the versatility of FLIP, you have many options to reconfigure over and over for a long-lasting, ever-changing display.


FLIP kits combine 30mm lightweight aluminum frames with your choice of single or double-sided zipper pillowcase fabric graphics. Simply join the aluminum tubes together with snap-button connectors, slide the fabric graphics over the frames, then zip. Connect the walls and WHALA, you have one of the coolest and most versatile displays in the event. It's that easy.

Set up quickly by stretching a fitted fabric cover printed with your artwork over a lightweight frame, the Flip Tension Fabric Display is so lightweight you can carry it with you wherever you go! The stretch fabric attaches to the trade show display with Velcro, so it's easy to remove and wash if needed, and the elastic nature of the fabric means that even though the fabric is folded up with the display, it will be wrinkle free when the display expands and pulls the fabric tight. So easy to assemble that there is no need to waste time or money with a labor union. The Flip Tension Fabric Display exhibit is the low cost, high value solution to your promotions display dilemmas.

Flip Trade Show Displays are as light as a feather and can be packed up to take with you in the car at the end of the day or shipped to your next destination if you are scheduled in back to back exhibits. Custom-design and print your promotional graphics for the Flip Tension Fabric Display, our design staff can help translate your corporate look into show stopping graphic images and signage. Using bright colors and design means that your booth will stand out, even in a large, crowded venue. Customize your signage for each market! Replacement display graphics are inexpensive and easy to order.

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