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Gemini Custom Formed Plastic Sign Letters & Logos

Custom Formed Plastic Letters & Logos

About these Letters:

There are fewer plastics greener that our CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate). As the name implies, the cellulose the body of the plastic is derived from wood and cotton fiber cells. Sheets of this easy-forming material are extruded by Gemini in our state-of-the-art extrusion plant. Custom formed letters and logos are extremely weatherable and have stood the test of time with Gemini since 1963. With 31 standard pigmented colors, variety of face profiles, mounting hardware, and thousands of custom options Gemini can create custom formed designs for you in less time, money, and hassle than if you were to try to otherwise manufacture it yourself. And by the way, ours comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Economy and Durability

  • Up to 2" deep
  • Flat, round or prismatic face
  • Single formed pieces up to 45" x 68"
  • 31 Standard pigmented colors
  • Custom paint matching
Geminis custom forming operations provide you with a means of replicating a typestyle or logo that is not within our extensive mold inventory. With the ability to form our plastic into shapes not attainable with acrylics or polycarbonate you can create designs with detail that you would not think possible. Our mold artists can take your 2D drawings and images and produce 3D shapes that will make your customers take notice. Multiple sets also afford even lower costs than what you would find off our single piece pricing.

NEW - Gold Leaf Finish

Pure 24K gold is applied to any Gemini Formed Plastic Letters. The finish result is not matched by any paint, treatment, or other base metal. Gold Leaf is truly the gold standard of the industry. Completely weatherable, installations last a generation before re-leafing is required due to ewear and tear in most applications. Round and prismatic styles are recommended for best results. Call for a quote on this process, which might also extend lead times on your order.

NEW - Near Chrome Finish

Chrome looking finishes do not necessarily require metal substrates in actual hexavalent chrome baths. Gemini can utilize a near chrome spray-on application to provide you with stunning metal or plastic letters and logos. Imperfections will be seen in the surface of most substrates, as this is not a true plating process. Round face and prismatic styles are recommended for best results. Call for a quote on the Near Chrome finish applied to any of your plaques, letters, or logos. This process may extend lead times on your order by several days.

NEW - LED Illuminated Option

Affordability with Options in Lighted Letters

Gemini can light up your sign with 5 different lighted letter and logo products. You can choose to order your cans and faces alone (with several products suitable for Neon or LED) or buy them fully populated, balanced and tested with GE Tetra LEDs and corresponding transformers. Gemini lit letter products are UL recognized components, meeting all UL specifications for electric signs. As always, all Gemini manufactured products are backed with our unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Standard Mountings

Plain letters are shipped without any mounting hardware. Studs are metal threaded posts on the rear of the letters. Specify if studs need to be in line for brick or block wall mortar joints. When installed, studs typically extend approx. 1-1/2"-2" from the back of the letters. (Brick: 2-5/8" on center; Block: 8" on center) Flange is a flat, 3/16" to 1/2" perimeter on the letter return into which holes can be drilled. Secure with screws or nails. Wider flange available upon request. Not recommended for letters under 6".
Pads are plastic disks on the rear of the letters. Adjustable or flush pads available upon request. Combination has pads at the bottom and studs through pads at the top of the letter. Specify if studs need to be in line for brick or block wall mortar joints. Not for letters under 6". Combination All has studs through pads on all mounts. Specify if studs need to be in line for brick or block wall mortar joints. Not for letters under 6".
Brackets are L-shaped plastic projections flared outward from back of the letter. Wires are stainless steel inserted into plastic blocks glued to inside of letter. Available for flush mounting or with 1/2", 1", 1-1/2" or 2" standoffs on flat faced letters 6" and up. Foam filled letters are filled with rigid urethane foam and cut flush to the back edge of the letter. Available for letters 9" and smaller.

Free Standing letters have 90
mounting brackets for installing
on roofs. Other angles available
upon request.

Letters are mounted with pads to aluminum or acrylic strips. Rails ship unassembled from letters and can be painted to match background installation surface. Standard rails for formed plastic are 1.5'' high, 3/16. thick: clear acrylic strips. C -channel is used if metal rails are specified. If customer plans on mounting with customer supplied rails, specify in-line for rail when ordering (no extra charge). Call for Quote

The accurate positioning and secure installation of letters is essential to a professional- looking sign. It's also comforting to know they won't fall off and hit someone walking below. The installation recommendations shown nere are offered only to help sign professionals choose a basic mounting method. There are many other correct methods used by sign professionals. We urge installers to secure letters firmly as letters that have fallen down and broken are neither a source of pride nor profit to anyone.

GLASS: Most plastic letters & logos can be installed safely on glass with pads and silicone. Some installers prefer a good double faced tape to silicone or use a combination of the two (based on installation}.

PLASTIC: If bonding plastic to plastic, typically a good solvent works best. Letters & logos ordered plain may be bonded flush to a flat plastic sheet.

METAL/CORRUGATED: While a Combination or Combination All mount can be used on corrugated metal, installations are made easier if you can per-assembled parts on rails in your shop and install in sections.

STUCCO: A Combination All mount is ideal for most stucco. Adhesive-filled holes and simple adhesive on pads will bond letters well to a Stucco surface.

LARGER LETTERS: Pad Mount is only recommended for plastic letters less than 24'' tall. For larger letters and most metal letters we recommend Stud, Combination or Combination All mounts.

DOUBLE FACED TAPE: When using Double Faced Tape, Gemini recommends using it in combination with silicone or some other adhesive.

RAIL MOUNTS: Rail Mount is a good method of mounting a group of letters as a unit to an irregular surface such as corrugated metal, wood siding, shingles, shakes and corrugated plastic.
The rails are most commonly made of aluminum or acrylic strips. If using rails, specify "in line for rail when ordering.

NOTE: Always use an experienced/licensed professional sign Installer and adhere to all local, state and federal sign regulations. Proper Installation procedures are vital to the safe. reliable function of all architectural sign letters as well as the personal safety of those performing the installation. Standard safety procedures and precautions ( Including use of safety goggles and proper tools and equipment) should be followed at all times to eliminate the possibility of personal Injury or Improper service, which could damage the letters or compromise their safety.