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Gemini GemLeaf Letters & Logos

GemLeaf Letters & Logos

About these Letters:

GemLeaf letters are the newest products to use the age-old gilding process the difference is that Gemini utilizes the latest technology to apply a microns thick coating of metal to our own modified premium extruded acrylic stock. Although GemLeaf products hold up well under most harsh UV conditions; because of the risk of corrosion we guarantee these letters for interior use only. GemLeaf letters are ideal for exhibits and display applications because their laser cut precision allows for the exacting replication of any artwork. GemLeaf letters are the perfect solution for a project that requires the look of metal but the weight or application calls for a more delicate material. Professional offices, medical buildings and law offices are good locations for GemLeaf letters. Exclusive living communities and high-end condominiums, museums, government buildings and places of worship are also ideal locations. With Geminis GemLeaf Letters, you can provide you with elegant, high-end signage without the high-end cost.

Standard Acrylic Substrate Colors

The old gilding process has been brought to the new century with a microns thick coating of metal on premium acrylic available in thicknesses ranging from 1/8 inch to inch. GemLeaf letters are the most versatile metal-looking letters we offer: more metallic finishes and thicknesses than any of our other metal-faced letters. Our extensive substrate color selection will complement the interior design scheme of any office. GemLeaf products are guaranteed for life when installed indoors, and hold up well under most harsh UV conditions. The letters are precision-cut with a laser, allowing for detailed, small fonts and custom logos. The various mounting options and a mounting template lend installation ease. Custom substrate colors are available for an additional fee. Colors and finishes shown may vary from your monitor. Please contact us for color samples or to verify sizes as these letters are non-returnable. Ships within 5-7 business days.