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Mammoth Modular Fabric Light Box (Backlit) Displays

Mammoth Modular Fabric Light Box (Backlit) Displays

Featuring New Back Lighting Options!

When you need a truly "Mammoth" display, look no further than the Mammoth Modular Display! Available in 4 foot wide to 16 foot wide configurations, you'll be sure to gain the attention of your conference or trade show attendees! These versatile and easy to use displays feature aluminum frame bars and "easy to change" graphics. Available in single or double sided configurations. Dye-sublimated fabric prints are extra saturated to bring the best color contrast once lit. Light strips and transformer attach to the inside of the wide frame, onto the longest sides only. To install the fabric, simply press fabric's rubber beading edges into the frame. The backside comes with gray block out material also hemmed with rubber beading to easily installation.

The Mammoth Modular Fabric Frame Displays ultimate in frame-graphic technology! Create a stunning 2-dimensional display in a SNAP! Different frame configurations, two planes for integrated graphics, and infinite configurations, offer you a playground to create dramatic effects with endless design possibilities! 2-D capability and fabric size options create a truly unique display and lasting impression.The versatility of this frame allows you to change graphics easily to create a totally fresh display. The next generation in large graphic presentation. These new light weight heavy duty frames can suspend a fabric graphic image. Erected in seconds and packed away just as quickly, this display is the newest solution for the busy exhibitor to display and be on the move! Make your next Trade Show Exhibits successful beyond expectation with Fabric Frame Booths and Trade Show Displays.

Mammoth Modular Displays offer an exciting new way to promote your business at trade shows, exhibitions and conventions! Create a big impact with custom images.Mammoth Modular Displays, also known as Fabric Backwall or Background displays. Each of Mammoth Modular Displays features a lightweight aluminum frame that is durable, stable, and simple to setup. Mammoth Modular Displays come us Full color tension fabric graphic print. Mammoth Modular Displays are light enough to carry wherever you go and fit in a carrying cases. Mammoth Modular Displays came in a variety of different configurations. Each style of Mammoth Modular Displays allows you to create a customized Exhibits with your own artwork. Each fabric graphic is wrinkle resistant, machine washable, and flame retardant to comply with fire codes