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Media Mea Digital Kiosks and Display Totems

Display Totems, Digital Kiosks, LCD/ LED Screens and Video Walls. Digital Signage is the best way to project your organization's data, announcements and any information you would like your suppliers, customers, members or employees to see.0
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Media Mea: Digital Kiosk and Display Totems, Indoor and Outdoor

We offer digital signage - Totems, Kiosks, LCD/ LED Screens and Video Walls manufactured by media Mea with strong partnership with LG - leading manufacturer of HD Open Frame Screen Panels and the best quality digital display panels. This variety of products gives us within one LCD display panel industry the ultimate steady quality within our range of products and enables us to be the best in custom fabrication. Some of our display furniture like the MEDi and METi are meant for different industry usage and are equipped with optional peripherals, such as a camera, RFID and NFC solutions in order to connect the consumer with the advertiser.


While printing will always be a factor in marketing and advertising, digital display totems are gradually eliminating traditional print displays by facilitating content distribution instantly to remote media locations. While printing requires design, print, and physical distribution, digital signage takes advantage of the internet for lightening fast distribution. This trend is gaining more momentum specifically in North America while keeping printers at a steady work flow by integrating Digital Signage on every printed POS and large billboard in order to elaborate a stronger branding and a better added value with dynamic content.

Digital signage has the tools and the ingenuity to get your message out there through a collaborated partnership with several international content management software developers, giving you the option and tools for delivering your message efficiently and effectively. In retail, let the screen do the selling, even outside opening hours. Give your customers the best possible service, even when you're not around! Showcase your products in the storefront window 24 hours a day with optimal reliability, consistency and informational or just place an online fed display in your shop window so those passing by can get the information they want immediately and get enticed to enter the store.

Digital Signage is the best way to project your organization's data, announcements and any information you would like your suppliers, customers, members or employees to see. With Digital Signage, you can combine video, graphics, announcements and other informational data on several LCD/ LED screens, digital display totems, digital kiosks and billboards. In addition, you can include services such as stock market tickers, weather reports and news feeds to keep your constituents informed and engaged. Until very recently, this simply wasn't viable or cost effective.

Our displays are affordable and are rivaling the printing costs of static posters over the course of time. With thin displays that can hang on any wall, and communicate through local network or cloud to fetch new content, our product eliminates the need for employees to trot from display to display with armloads of USB's and Flash cards.
Digital Signage is so flexible that you can communicate from one location to hundreds simultaneously. Our partners' attractively priced systems can be centrally controlled by you or a central web-based system, and capable of powering displays across the room and across the globe. The messages can be uniform or customized for multiple locations using the gallery hardware and software systems.