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Specialty Light-Up Fluorescent Signage

Make your logo extraordinary!

All the brilliance and quality of our classic lightboxes crafted into round, oval, square and archtop shapes. Square and arched displays feature our patented extruded PVC framing system while the rounded shapes use a flexible PVC frame. Fit those hard to merchanise areas with these specialty displays. Interior use only, UT Displays-2.9" total depth, W Displays-4.5" total depth, Quick change side-loading graphics, Square interlocking frame, Oval & Round flexible frame, Thermoformed, co-extruded black pan, Clear durable APET lens, Hi trans diffuser, Heavy-duty D-hooks for hanging, Electronic ballast, Formed metal wiring enclosures, Dependable T-8 lamps, Rotating grip-lock sockets, 6' 3-wire grounded 18g cord, UL approved unit


These low profile lightboxes are designed to provide brilliant illumination in a sleek. Strong yet lightweight, our LED Translucent Frame Lightboxes feature a great economical solution for creating high impact 'get noticed displays. It's not just another lightbox, it's a Light-Up Display! ofers Edgelit Light-Up Displays for your promotions and advertisements trade show needs. These Edgelit Light-Up Displays use long lasting technology to illuminate graphic and signs. Light is spread evenly throughout the surface of each Interlockin UltraThin Light-Up Displays and will pass through any backlit print graphic or picture. Translucent paper is required. At, we sell several different sizes and styles of illuminated lightboxes. These Edgelit Light-Up Displays can also be wall-mounted. Both of the illuminated lightboxes can be displayed horizontally or vertically in either presentation wall or countertop to hold landscape or portrait style pictures, only incrise to their versatility!

Edgelit Light-Up Displays, also known as illuminated sign frames, are designed to float your advertisements and promotions between two super thin acrylic panels. This Edgelit Light-Up Displays design allows you to use an illuminated light box as part of an existing countertop display at any trade show booth. Illuminated sign frames, Edgelit Light-Up Displays are so functional they can be used anywhere. Heighten the success of commercial advertisements in retail stores,offices or even banks with these illuminated Edgelit Light-Up Displays. In addition to the products shown on this page, we also offer a wider selection of illuminated lightboxes including several larger, poster size lightbox displays in an array of colors and finishes. We also have a full spectrum of display products, including thousands of sign and photo frames.