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Tension Fabric Displays and Exhibits for Trade Show

Tension fabric displays and exhibits feature wrinkle free stretch fabric, dye-sublimated fabric graphic and lightweight frames. Easy to set up, reusable, easy product care, tension fabric displays are a perfect solution for your trade show. Guaranteed lowest prices.
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Tension Fabric Trade Show Exhibits and Displays are the most popular and versatile

Tension Fabric Displays are easy to use. Most systems utilize a "pillowcase" fabric graphics system to apply graphics. Others use a combination of silicon gasket & channel to attach fabric graphics. Aluminum extrusions collapse down for easy assembly, tear down and portability. Your marketing booth is the one customers will remember! Excellent for trade show exhibits or other events.

Here are the most popular Tension Fabric Displays among our customers:

Waveline Tension Trade Show Fabric Displays. Feature pillow cases mounted with an industrial zipper, easy to assemble and wrinkle free dye sub printing on recyclable polyester. Choose from different sizes. We are happy to offer waveline media displays, waveline merchandiser displays and fabric panels.

EZ Tube Tension Fabric displays. Curved or straight, probably the best for your budget, these tension fabric displays feature pillow cases mounted with an industrial zipper, amazingly easy to assemble. Top quality dye sub printing on recyclable Polyester virtually "Wrinkle Free" stretch fabric designed for this application.

Popup & Hopup Tension fabric displays. One of the most popular and effective products found at tradeshows and exhibitions today are graphic pop up displays! Pop up displays utilize a lightweight modular folding frame which packs into a portable rolling case and is set up by expanding the frame into a full presentation wall. We carry a complete line of tension fabric displays which collapse with the fabric graphics still attached, allowing for easy setup and cleanup after your show.

Geometrix Tension Fabric Display Kits. It is one of more unique products that we offer, but it's a huge hit among our customers. The uniqueness of Geometrix Fabric displays is its reconfiguration, customization and changing of graphic abilities. You can easily swap graphic and use your display again and again. And it's light weight. The system is offered in 4 configurations, making it easy to set up just as you like to match your existing exhibit.

Formulate Tension Fabric Display Systems. Manufactured by Orbus, they are the ultimate in frame-graphic technology. The versatility of frames allows you to change graphics easily to create a totally fresh display.

Backlit Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays. Our most unique products are also backlit trade show displays. If lighting at your trade show is dim, your display won't be noticed without any illumination. Backlit Trade Show Displays feature ultra-portable LED lightbox frames in standard kit sizes or integrated into custom exhibit booths.

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