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Trade Show Light Box Tower Displays

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Illuminated Towers and Column Displays for Trade Shows

Light Box Tower Displays are excellent and eye-catching products to add to your trade show booth space. Illuminated graphics and portability make these displays an easy option to add value to your product, brand, or company. Light box displays are quickly becoming some of the most popular trade show products, as they can be seamlessly integrated within any existing or new display. Adding a tower to the front corners of your booth can draw trade show attendees in, or interspersed towers can organize and improve the flow of a retail space or showroom.

If you're looking for a similar, but smaller, version of the typical light box back walls, the Big Sky Light Box Tower Displays are a perfect solution. With silicone edged graphics (SEG), these towers offer interchangeable graphics with no hassle, as the SEGs fit easily over the aluminum frame every time. The Segue Towers give a double exposure effect, allowing for them to be placed anywhere in the trade show booth space.

The Backlit Formulate Tower Displays are free-standing, coming in many different sizes to fit your display space. The sides of the frame give a finished look that is paired with the brilliance of dye-sublimated graphics that bring out high-quality imagery and color.

Our Formulate Backlit Cylinder and Funnel fabric graphic tower displays are elegant in design, with a full 360 degree rounded surface. An LED lighted strip illuminates from within, and superior graphics are wrapped around, reaching from the top to the sophisticated white matte base. The Formulate Backlit Cylinder and Funnel Towers are guaranteed to attract attention when placed anywhere within your booth, retail, or showroom space and graphics are easily interchangeable.

Our Light Box CoyoteTower Display options are sure to enhance your next trade show with their style, ease of use, and quality graphics. We are ready to consult with you on the best backlit trade show display selections, please order online or call us today!