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Tabletop Displays and Exhibits

Tabletop trade show displays are the painless to travel and setup of any tradeshow exhibit. We offer large collection tabletop displays, including light-weight Xpressions Snap and Xclaim fabric portable displays, table throws and runners, banner stands and folding panels.
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Page of 13 offer portable Table Top Displays offer many varieties of portable Table Top Displays which are sure to fit your Trade Show needs:
- The ShowStyle/ShowMax are self-packing displays that transform from convenient cases to impressive Table Top Displays. None of these tabletop trade show exhibits look alike.
- The Linear display systems add a unique shape to the trade show booth,
- Xpression Tabletop Display will allow you to choose from several configurations, giving you plenty of options on how you want your trade show exhibit to look.

You will be impressed by the look and prices of all of these trade show booths. Table top displays provide maximum portability and are generally displayed on a table top or table at waist height. Because they are small and lightweight, table top displays are an excellent choice if you are looking for an effective yet versatile trade show display for your next exhibit.

Types of Trade show tabletop displays

There are many types of trade show tabletop displays / exhibits. Below is a list of the common types:

Tabletop displays:

Usually a small metal frame work which can easily collapse (much like a backpacking tent frame) into a small carrying case, with graphic panels that attach to the frame work via mechanical fasteners, magnets, or Velcro. These displays are typically very easy to set up, and require little to no on site support labor. As the name implies, they are designed to be set on top of a table, one usually supplied by the show contractor. As with pipe and drape, this table is often provided as part of the price of renting the exhibit space.

Table covers (Also known as Throw covers)

If the exhibitor is using a table within their exhibit space (whether provided by the show contractor or rented), custom printed table covers allow the exhibitor to the opportunity to use the table as a branding opportunity, as opposed to just a stock, non-branded table drape. Show provided tables normally come with a neutral table drape, and a custom cover allows the exhibitor to stand out from those who use the stock table cover.

Pipe and Drape

Often provided by the show contractor, these typically use a metal frame of upright posts supported by base plates, with cross beams on which the fabric drape is either threaded (via a sewn pocket) or tied. These types of tabletop displays are often provided by the show contractor as part of the price of the exhibit space. The fabric drape is usually a neutral color or a color which ties in with the theme of the show. Exhibitors can use these as a backdrop for their own display pieces, but they are not meant to support any direct weight, and provide little in the way of display client graphics or branding. Most exhibitors use a purchased or rented display structure in front of the supplied pipe and drape.

Pop-up tabletop Displays

These displays are sometimes called a Pull-Up display or Portable display. A display which uses a flexible graphic panel (fabric or other man-made material) attached to a spring loaded roller on which the graphic winds for storage. When ready to display, the graphic is pulled up, and then secured to a support post at the back of the roller, which holds the graphic up and taut in place. These can be used individually, or in series, as warrants. Like tabletop displays, they are normally very lightweight, and can be easily transported and set up without needing much on site labor support. The components are often made from very lightweight materials, and transported in small traveling cases (often injection molded plastic). Most often curved in shape, they are also now popular as straight walls with attached fabric mural graphics.

Banner stands tabletop displays

They are a smaller type of trade show display with one large graphic supported in a standing frame. Similar in construction to tabletop pop-up displays but composed of one free-standing panel, they are a portable and lightweight display solution. Some varieties come with retractable roll-up panels for ease of transport, detachable graphics, or lights. Other types of banner stands include outdoor banners, motorized scrolling banners, and frame-based tension fabric banners.

Modular tabletop Exhibit

These exhibits fall between a pop-up tabletop display, and a panel & frame tabletop system. Whereas a pop-up is typically a small background property, a modular display is an entire space. They use a standardized basic structure, whether this be a metal frame work, or thin, lightweight panel construction, which is then configured within the confines of the structure limitations to what the exhibitor requires. A study by Trade Show Week Magazine showed that modular exhibits weigh, on average, about 60% less than traditional custom exhibits.Analogous to a Lego or Tinker-toy, the components are typically easily reconfigured into new layouts as the exhibitor may require from show to show. The components are often made from very lightweight materials, and transported in small traveling cases (often injection molded plastic).

Panel & Frame tabletop Systems

These are the ubiquitous exhibit, retail, display and presentation systems. In many ways, when people think of modular exhibits today, they are thinking of Panel & Frame systems like aluminum extrusions, which is sold (in pieces and parts) to distributors, who in turn market a range of solutions (including exhibit solutions) for rent or purchase at a variety of quality levels and price points. There are hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of "parts" available. In North America anyway, tradeshow floors are typically laid out with Panel & Frame products. These products are a ubiquitous category all to themselves. Unlike a tabletop display or modular exhibit, Panel & Frame Systems will require the services of an on site labor source (show general contractor, or a labor contractor approved through show management).

Custom tabletop Exhibits

These rental or purchase exhibits are fabricated from a variety of materials, based upon the design and needs of the exhibitor. These tabletop exhibits often incorporate hard wall panels to create rooms and separated spaces, stages, large metal structures, display and work stations, and other display components. Custom exhibits cannot normally be set up by the exhibitor without utilizing the services of an on site labor source (show general contractor, or a labor contractor approved through show management).

Large companies often buy a custom tabletop exhibit to be used at different shows in different countries all over the world - a concept similar to the set of sound and stage equipment that accompanies world famous music groups on their tours around the world. Rules for construction of custom exhibits vary from country to country and even show hall to show hall.

For example, in Russia, construction of even temporary structures at the exhibition venues is treated in accordance with the Russian construction laws that mainly apply to capital development. Even if the custom exhibit has been used at other shows in other countries, its design and the credentials of the builder will be scrutinized by the organizers of the show and the technical department of the venue.

Custom exhibits are transported to the exhibit hall in exhibit crates, skids, dollies, or sometimes via pad wrapping, to protect the exhibit properties during transport, and during set up and tear down (Installation & Dismantle)

Folding Panels, Fold Up Display Boards

Table top display stands are lightweight folding display boards used for desktop displays or as presenter aids during sales pitches and presentations. A table top stand can also be used to create a low cost exhibit at any tradeshow and exhibition. Tabletop displays consist of folding panel fabric display boards with a looped nylon surface compatible with Velcro fixing and pins, making them suitable for use at art gallery displays or as conventional school display boards for project work etc. Portable table top displays are frequently used as low cost exhibition panels with our 3 panel and 6 panel folding display boards being particularly popular and flexible. Whatever your application, a reusable fold up table top display is perfect where space is tight and marketing budget is restricted.

Trade Show Table Top Exhibits - FEATURES

  • Constructed from different materials
  • Flat packed, easy to transport and quick to assemble
  • No tools required with this easy to use trade show table top exhibits
  • Supplied with carry bag