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Trade Show Tension Fabric Counters - Waveline InfoDesk Collection

Waveline InfoDesk Counter offer tubing frame construction and stretch tension fabric graphics printed to your are specifications. Portable and lightweight, the counter can be assemble quickly on location. Great for trade shows, events, airports, lobbies, malls or any location where you need to provide information, display products and literature or filling out paperwork. This counter is made from durable aluminum frame tubing, plexiglass counter tops and shelving, and dye sublimation graphic prints.

The uniqueness of a tension fabric counters are evident when you see one on the trade show floor. Wrinkle resistant and made with fire-resistant material, our tension fabric counters feature the highest-quality dye sublimation printing.

Waveline Series Displays and Counters

Waveline tension trade show fabric displays feature pillow case mounted with an industrial zipper, amazing ease of assembly and wrinkle free dye sub printing on recyclable polyester. Choose from different sizes. We also glad to offer Waveline Media Displays, Waveline Merchandiser Displays and Waveline Fabric Panels.

About Makitso

Makitso provides innovative display and digital kiosk solutions for marketing professionals and creatives around the world. It is a creatively-minded company whose founders come from engineering, design, marketing and media. The Makitso experience is built around the idea of pairing functional design with simplicity to achieve a beautiful product that is made just right. Never over-engineered, never-overpriced. Always guaranteed.

The company's mission is to enable the expression of ideas to become reality. When all the hard work is done and everything comes together, the company strives for its users to show off their brands, products, services and creative ideas through working and tangible print display and digital media solutions.

Makitso is the preferred distributor of BrandStand International display products in America. The team is based out of offices in Southeast Asia and Stafford, Texas.