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Hanging Banners Ceiling Signs: 8ft Diameter Circle Hanging Banners

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8ft Diameter Circle Hanging Banners Frame and Fabric

Trade show floors are usually packed with countless exhibits, and standing out from the bunch proves to be a bit of a challenge. Flying high above the crowds, this ceiling banner showcases your graphics to event goers from all directions with its circular design. Your graphic is printed on the banner fabric through the process of dye sublimation, resulting in high resolution imagery.

The Circle Hanging Sign is available in diameters up to 20 feet and a number of heights, giving you the power to choose a ceiling banner that fits your needs and budget. As prominent as the Hanging Signs are, their components are fully collapsible and fit into a travel-friendly carrying case for increased mobility. Rise above the competition with the Circle Hanging Signs.

Notice the message, not the frame when you display your graphic on a Circle (Tube) Hanging Banner Displays. We print the banner on a stretch fabric material that zips around the frame for a taut, upscale appearance.

The fabric completely encapsulates the circle so you only notice the shape, not the frame hardware. The frame itself is made of strong aluminum and assembles easily without tools. Quickly and easily make a square configuration by just snapping frame components together. Make banners of virtually any height and just slide them onto the fiberglass poles. Great for trade shows and retail displays.

Circular (Tube) Hanging Sign Ceiling Banners

We offers a full line of Circle (Tube) Hanging Sign Ceiling Banner With Stretch Fabric Graphics:

- Circle (Tube) Hanging Banner Displays
- Football Hanging Banner Displays
- Tapered Circle Hanging Banner Displays
- Disc - Hanging Banner Displays
- S-Curve - Hanging Banner Displays
- Ellipse Hanging Banner Displays

Make banners of virtually any height and just slide them onto the fiberglass poles. Great for trade shows, expo, retail displays and other events.

Other options for hanging banner displays or signs:

Ceiling hang banner displays also are available in following shapes: simple panel, footbol, rectangle, curved triangle (Trio), pinwheel, square (quad), curved square (quad) , tapered square, simple triangle (trio).

If you want illuminated banner, you can order illuminated backlit hanging banner display to make you company's booth outstanding from other participants on trade show or expo.

You can also add spinning motor for constant motion effect. Spinning motors come from 100lb to 300lb capacities.