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EuroFit Tension Fabric Displays

EuroFit tension fabric trade show displays offer lightweight yet heavy duty display frames constructed of bungee corded tubing. Click together for easy set-up, then slip the dye-sublimation printed stretch tension fabric graphics over the EuroFit frame and zip at the bottom for a seamless wrinkle free display. These EuroFit tension fabric displays are excellent marketing tools for any event.
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EuroFit Tension Fabric Displays - Backdrops, Towers, Counters, Hanging Banners, Tabletop

Fast and spectacular, the EuroFit Fabric Display is the next generation in large Trade Show presentation.
Set up quickly by stretching a fitted fabric cover printed with your artwork over a lightweight frame, the EuroFit Fabric Displays is so lightweight you can carry it with you wherever you go! The stretch fabric is easy to remove and wash if needed, and the elastic nature of the fabric means that even though the fabric is folded up with the display, it will be wrinkle free when the display expands and pulls the fabric tight So easy to assemble that there is no need to waste time or money with a labor union. The EuroFit Fabric Backwall Booth is the low cost, high value solution to your promotions display dilemmas.

EuroFit Fabric Displays are as light as a feather and can be packed up to take with you in the car at the end of the day or shipped to your next destination if you are scheduled in back to back exhibits. Custom-design and print your promotional Trade Shows for the EuroFit Fabric Displays, our design staff can help translate your corporate look into show stopping Trade Show images and signage. Using bright colors and design means that your booth will stand out, even in a large, crowded venue. Customize your signage for each market! Replacement display Trade Shows are inexpensive and easy to order.

EuroFit Fabric Displays are one of the more unique product offerings at but has been a huge hit with our customers! The EuroFit Fabric Displays offers many of the features the exhibitors look for in a high quality display including versatility, 3d capabilities, light weight, easy instant setup, easy to customize and change Trade Shows, something different and unique from the crowd, durability, high Trade Shows quality, and last but certainly not least at a very attractive cost.

This backwall booth ships with the fabric graphic already attach to the frame, allowing you to simply pull and "snap" to lock into position. The Trade Shows are easily reconfigured or swapped, allowing the display to be used again and again! The system is offered in 4 configurations, making it easy to set up just as you want and match your existing exhibit.

Ten great reasons EuroFit Fabric Displays is the ultimate in 3-D branding:

  • 1 versatile The same display can be used for many applications in many venues: trade shows, media presentations, retail showrooms, sporting events, fundraisers, corporate meetings, etc. Add lights to accentuate your display.
  • 2 unique Splash Fabric Displays creates an amazing visual impact! Infinite design configurations make your display refreshinly original! There is nothing else like it! Choose from many dynamic structures, with your choice.
  • 3 ... the wide variety of Trade Show shapes further enhances this impact! The frame has no sub assemblies, allowing for unlimited design possibilities!
  • 4 changeable Trade Shows With easily replaced Trade Shows, you can quickly and inexpensively transform the display into a completely new look! It's as simple as buttoning your shirt.
  • 5 lightweight Extremely lightweight and compact, Splash Fabric Table Top Display is easily transported.
  • 6 instant set.up Pre-attached Trade Shows make set.up a snap! Strong magnetic connectors "SNAP" together, locking the frame automatically in just a few seconds. There are no connectors to lock or unlock. Take down is just as easy.
  • 7 durable Splash snap Trade Shows cannot be scratched or dented, and are completely machine washable! The frame carries a lifetime guarantee.
  • 8 Trade Show quality Trade Shows for Splash Fabric Table Top Displays are permanent dye sublimation prints on a stretch fabric. Dye sublimation generates unbelievable color saturation, life-like skin tones, and vibrant colors, resulting in unparalleled image quality. The fabric is flame-retardant, with the following fire rating: U.S.- NFPA 701
  • 9 millions of images available The small size of the individual fabric skins, removes the limitations of large-scale artwork. Millions of publicly available images translate into finding the perfect art to convey your message!
  • 10 low ownership cost With Splash Fabric Table Top Display labor, shipping, drayage, storage and Trade Show costs are far, far lower than any other display.

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