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Backlit Overhead Hanging Banners & Signs

Suspended backlit hanging banner displays and illuminated ceiling signs increase visibility of your trade show booth exhibit. Dye-sublimation printed on stretch tension fabric, these backlit hanging sings complete your booth while drawing eyes to your custom hanging banner displays from across the exhibit floor!
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Illuminated Backlit Hanging Banner Display - Best Solution for Trade Show.

We recommend to use backlit hanging structures for trade show for obvious reasons: if light in you trade show will be dim, your banner or sign will not be noticed without illumination. Whether you are looking for a way to draw attention and captivate your audience at a tradeshow, special event, or in a permanent environment, these tension fabric Backlit Trade Show Hanging Sign Display are designed to impress.

The Tension Fabric Backlit Trade Show Hanging Banner Display ultimate in frame-Trade Show technology! Create a stunning 3-dimensional display in a SNAP! Different frame configurations offer you a playground to create dramatic effects with endless design possibilities! Backlit Trade Show Hanging Sign Display draw attention and captivate your audience in any setting. Easily create and define a stunning focal point at your next event with a Illuminated Trade Show Hanging Sign Display

3-D capability and fabric size options create a truly unique display and lasting impression.The versatility of this frame allows you to change Trade Shows easily to create a totally fresh backlit towers display. The next generation in large Trade Show presentation. These new light weight heavy duty frames can suspend a fabric graphic image. Erected in seconds and packed away just as quickly, this display is the newest solution for the busy exhibitor to display and be on the move!

The Tension Fabric Trade Show Illuminated Trade Show Hanging Sign Display offers a large format Trade Show area to get you noticed at your events! The aluminum frame structure breaks down into simple pieces for shipping in a small cases. High quality dye sub fabric graphics fit over the frame "pillow case" style creating a large format backlit Trade Show image to attract attention at your events, but keeping this display lightweight and simple to set up.

Trade Show Hanging Illuminated Displays can be used effectively as both stand alone displays or as a complement to other trade show displays. Our Backlit Illuminated Hanging Banners displays provide an excellent way to show large scale backlit Trade Shows in a small amount of space with crowd stopping presence. Trade Show Backlit Ceiling Displays offer a unique shapes.

Elegant different shaped illuminated promotional Trade Show system This cost effective, hanging backlit banner displays features a sturdy construction and stylish design.Backlighting Hanging Frame kits are available to turn your trade show hanging sign into a ceiling lightbox.

Different frame configurations for a stunning 3-dimensional display for unique looking ceiling banners.

You can choose from many frame shapes: triangle, square, circle (tube), curve, curved square, curved triangle, disc, ellipse, pyramid and others for your tradeshow hanging sign.

Triangle Signs can have a different image printed on each side. Circle ceiling banner can have one continuous image. Use round Signs in tradeshows, exhibition halls, and conventions by companies to advertise as effectively as possible. Square or cube hanging banner displays has six sides to promote your product and is the largest available.

We offers a full line of tradeshow hanging banners and hanging sign displays:
- Panel - Hanging Banner Displays
- Circle (Tube) Hanging Banner Displays
- Football Hanging Banner Displays
- Rectangle Hanging Banner Displays
- Tapered Circle Hanging Banner Displays
- Curved Triangle (Trio) Hanging Banner Displays
- Disc - Hanging Banner Displays
- S-Curve - Hanging Banner Displays
- Ellipse Hanging Banner Displays
- Pinwheel Hanging Banner Displays
- Square (Quad) Hanging Banner Displays
- Curved Square (Quad) Hanging Banner Displays
- Tapered Square Banner Hanging Displays
- Triangle (Trio) Hanging Banner Displays