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3' (1x3) Xpressions Snap Fabric Pop Up Displays

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3' (1x3) Xpressions Snap Fabric Pop Up Displays

The same display can be used for many applications in many venues: trade shows, media presentations, retail showrooms, sporting events, fundraisers, corporate meetings, etc. Add lights and/or shelves to accentuate your display. Xpressions snap creates an amazing visual impact! Infinite design configurations make your display refreshingly original! There is nothing else like it! Choose from 12 dynamic structures, with your choice of black or silver finish. The intricate weaving and twisting of the graphics between two separate planes, creates a 3-D environment with tremendous visual impact. The wide variety of graphic shapes further enhances this impact! The frame has no sub assemblies, allowing for unlimited design possibilities! With easily replaceable graphics, you can quickly and inexpensively transform the display into a completely new look! It's as simple as buttoning your shirt. Extremely lightweight and compact, Xpressions Snap is easily transported. Pre-attached graphics make set up a snap! Strong magnetic connectors "SNAP" together, locking the frame automatically in just a few seconds. There are no connectors to lock or unlock. Take down is just as easy.

Snap graphics cannot be scratched or dented, and are completely machine washable! The frame carries a lifetime guarantee. Graphics for Xpressions snap are permanent dye sublimation prints on a stretch fabric. Dye sublimation generates unbelievable color saturation, life-like skin tones, and vibrant colors, resulting in unparalleled image quality. The fabric is flame-retardant, with the following fire rating: U.S.- NFPA 701.

The small size of the individual fabric skins, removes the limitations of large-scale artwork. Millions of publicly available images translate into finding the perfect art to convey your message! With Xpressions snap labor, shipping, storage and graphic costs are far, far lower than any other display.