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4ft Custom Table Cloths, Covers and Throws

Shop our large selection of custom printed table throws, covers and runners for standard 4ft wide tables. All table cloths are custom printed using the latest dye-sublimation printing technology for a fully-printed vibrant graphic finish. Printed on washable polyester fabric to allow for a wrinkle resistant finish and easy care. Our table throws come in three finishes: draped, fitted or stretch. Also, choose between an open back (to allow your sales reps to sit behind the table) or a closed back for a finished look on all sides, plus extra room for storage. If you are looking for a different size, shop our round, 6ft, 8ft, table runner or backlit categories. Ideal for trade shows, exhibits, collage and job fairs, conference, seminars and more.
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Custom Printed 4ft Table Covers and Throws | Trade Show Ready

From the seasoned trade veteran to a novice exhibitor, successful event planners know when a booth is well-designed and a finished looks is key to this end. Custom counters are great, but can get pricey. Renting or buying a standard round, 4ft, 6ft or 8ft table becomes an inexpensive alternative and presents exhibitors with an another branding opportunity! Choose from table runners, to table covers, table cloths, table throws and more to proudly display your brand, company or college name.

Custom table covers are a great solution not only at a trade show, but also at any business conventions, hotel events, job fairs, flea or farmers' market, storefronts, and more. A well-dressed branded table is perfect to display business cards, merchandise, samples, printed materials, handouts, and other promotional items. Don’t waste this prime advertising real estate with a boring unbranded table.

Our dye-sub printing process allows for unlimited background colors. The table cloths are flame retardant and constructed of premium polyester fabric. They are also machine washable and wrinkle resistant.

Types of Table Cloths

  • Custom Printed: Most of our tablecloths are offer fully custom printing using dye-sub technology. These units offer the base branding opportunity to make you exhibit booths more inviting and attract customers.

  • Convertible: Table covers with adjustable length, typically 6ft to 8ft. These table throws are great for whose who need flexibility in their displays.

  • Draped Table Covers: Loose fitting table throws. The most common option selected.

  • Fitted Table Covers: These table covers offer polished and professional look by removing excess fabric and "wrapping around" the table.

  • Stretch Table Covers: These table throws are printed on stretch fabric that "hugs" the table crating for a winkle free smooth finish and modern look.

  • 3-Sided and 4-Sided Table Throws: 4-Sided units offer full coverage on all four sides of the table making it easy to hide equipment and excess materials underneath your table. Three-sided covers, offer easy access to supplies and allow sales team members to sit behind the table with a comfortable amount of room for their legs.

  • Unprinted Table Throws: Plain solid color table throws cover unsightly tables and can help create a cohesive look at a low price.