Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Trade shows are not cheap. If you are going to spend the time, money, and effort to attend a trade show, maximize your impact during the event!

Work Your Booth!

One of the biggest turnoffs at a trade show is seeing a booth with company employees looking bored, tired, annoyed or distracted on their phones. Create a welcoming environment! Be friendly and inviting. Smile and say hello to potential customers walking by. Be assertive and talk to everyone, but do not be too pushy with a sale pitch up front. Be genuine in your approach. Before you pitch, get your target comfortable and enjoying a conversation with you. Ask about their day. Ask about who they are and what they do. Crack a joke to lighten the mood. Then do your thing…and have fun!

Work the Trade Show!

The trade show extends beyond your booth! Walk the show to see what the competition is doing and get ideas for next time. Meet and network with the movers and shakers in your industry. Attend speaking events and form relationships with the organizers. Pursue speaking opportunities to become a thought leader in your industry. Speak to the media. Make relationships with neighboring booths offering complimentary products. Trade industry knowledge, tradeshow feedback and even leads with companies that are not directly competitive. Leverage your banker’s relationships to meet new people. Speak to everyone, you never know where the conversation may lead!

Create Graphics that Make a Statement!

Think beyond company logos and branding when creating your artwork. Be creative! Make a powerful statement. Make people smile or laugh. Choose a design that will turn heads and make your both impossible to ignore.

Choose Displays that Make You Stand Out!

Unique displays can draw attention from across the trade show floor. Backlit and illuminated displays literally make booths shine, drawing attention and making surrounding booths less appealing. Similarly, moving displays grab attention. The Makitso Blimp Tower, for example, offers a rotating sign on top. Or, adding motion to a hanging banner will draw a crowed from across the room. Step outside the box. Get creative!

Create Excitement / Buzz!

Booths that are buzzing with activity draw a crowd! Create exciting content to display on digital kiosks or hanging monitors in your booth. Consider incorporating experiential activities. We have seen 3D video goggles do this exceptionally well. Offer small giveaways that don’t break the bank. Offer a draw prize that complements your business, looks exciting, and incorporates some corporate branding. Have visitors leave behind a business card in a jar or sign a guestbook. This has the double benefit of drawing guests to your booth and you collecting contact information to follow-up later.

Keep Guests at the Booth Longer!

Incorporate value add features into your booth that keep potential customers hanging around longer and coming back. A welcoming place to sit and rest. Light snacks and water. A phone charging station. Be hospitable! Get creative!