What is a Step and Repeat and Why You Need One!

So, we all watch the Grammys, Oscars, MTV awards, or honestly any awards show with celebrities, however, have you ever paid close attention to the red carpet walk out? UMMMM YEAH, you have!

I mean come on…

…other then Queen B doing her thing do you notice the bold “HBO” logos? Now imagine instead of HBO, xyzDisplays.com, changes the logo to YOUR company brand message. Step and Repeat backdrops are an excellent marking tool to expand the reach of your branding message and do to so discretely!

You do not need a red-carpet event to unleash this marketing tool and let it do its magic – it is just as beneficial at trade shows, conventions, demo days, grand openings or anywhere else your branding belongs.

For those not aware of what a Step and Repeat backwall is, it is simply a tall standing backdrop made from printed fabric or vinyl with a repeating brand or logo pattern. The Step and Repeat design can be printed on a popup / hopup display, pillowcase fabric structure, large banner stand, or any flat marketing surface. These Step and Repeat banners are then used as backdrops for pictures and/or videos. Below are some prominent examples:

Joe Madden Doing a Post-Game Q&A

Trade Show Exposes

In any venue you choose to use them, the Step and Repeat banner is a priceless tool for your event, exhibit, or trade show.

Ok let’s get technical…

When purchasing a Step and Repeat backdrop, you should make your choices based on what will get you furthest in your marketing goals. There a few key points to consider that should guide your decision on what product to purchase and best practices for your Step and Repeat design, they include: Size, Fabrication, Material, and Design.

Size matters!

The “industry” norm for height of a Step and Repeat backdrop is 8ft, and width can be customized to customer preference. The typical range is 8ft to 16ft, but bigger and smaller backdrops are not uncommon. Size is a tricky object to consider - make it too wide and it may not fit in certain venues or make it too narrow and you run the risk of awkward group pictures!

Reasons to splurge on a wider Step and Repeat:

  • You will not be able to see the edges or the frames from the backdrop on pictures
  • The wider your backdrop the more peoples or groups can fit in pictures or videos
  • It is a bigger “WOW!” factor—think of the striking visual

Reasons to go for a narrower Step and Repeat:

  • Smaller backdrops are more versatile and can fit anywhere like behind your trade show booth
  • They are more portable and affordable
  • They are inexpensive to replace

What do we think?

Well the best of both worlds obviously! If you can allow your budget to stretch for two Step and Repeats then why not? If you choose a panel design for you backdrop you can combine two or more Step and Repeats to make an even larger backdrop when space allows.

Fabrication is a Matter of preference!

There are many products to choose from to display your Step and Repeat design. They are all high-quality products designed for long-term professional use. Which one you go with is a matter of personal preference and budget.

Jumbo Banner Stands

Hopup/Popup Frame for Easy Assembly

Pillow Case Graphic Frame for a Slim Look

Fabric v.s. Vinyl

Fabric is more expensive than vinyl, but you get what you pay for! Fabric Backdrops provide a beautiful flat matte surface that is glare-resistant. It is easier to transport and set-up. And, did we mention fabric last longer offering a “brand new” look again and again.
Vinyl on the other hand can be more affordable, giving you more options to be creative without breaking the bank. However, it does form crinkles and folds over time making it difficult to keep that Step and Repeat looking fresh and new for long. The lower price point will hopefully allow a budget to replace the Step and Repeat banner over time.

Design is Critical!

Optimizing visibility is critical to any marketing project! Your fantastic looking Step and Repeat backdrop has no impact if it cannot be seen. To optimize visibility, you must take into account logo size, spacing, and colors. Your logo must be small enough to fit a Step and Reap pattern, yet readable in the frame, regardless of the amount of people taking pictures. The recommend logo size is 9”-11” wide and 5”-7” tall.
Complementary colors also increase the impact. Below is a great chart that offers guidance on complementary color choices for your design.

Ok, so I think you all get why a Step and Repeat is a valuable marketing tool, right?


No, well that’s ok here is a summary of why Business Owners SHOULD invest in a Step and Repeat backdrop.

1. They provide free long-term advertising for your brand

Step and Repeats offer great opportunities for exciting pictures that are bound to show up in newspapers, magazines and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media users like to see and be seen, and add a red carpet(-esque) picture…your brand will be advertised for free across the internet!

2. They make your company stand out at trade shows and other marketing events

Not only will the Step and Repeat backdrop make your company look more professional and attract people for photo ops, it will give your brand a greater sense of credibility and status in the minds of your consumers.

3. Step and Repeat Backdrops provide a great return on investment!

You will be an owner of a huge advertisement tool that both your employees and customers will want to use and promote. Any event you go to whether it is for charity, grand opening, trade show, dance recital, or conference – if there are camera-friendly people around, then your Step and Repeat backdrop should occupy prime real estate! look more professional and attract people for photo ops, it will give your brand a greater sense of credibility and status in the minds of your consumers.