Getting the Most for Your 10ft x 10ft Trade Show Booth

June 11, 2018 - By Bogdan B Tabaka / Yelena Korchman

You just purchased a 10ft x 10ft trade show booth for an upcoming convention. Now what? That booth was not cheap and you want to ensure you maximize the return on your investment by attracting the maximum number of visitors to your booth. The key now is to design with purpose and to select the right trade show displays to properly reflect your brand message while maximizing your budget.

First let’s get technical. So, what does 10x10 actually mean?

To the “trade show pro” it means 9.290304 m2 and to the “not-so pro” it means an area that must be used to the fullest because every measuring unit used matters. Unless you are from a company that can afford double the price of a 10ft x 20ft space, or even more for a 20ft x 20ft island, 10ft x 10ft is likely the booth size you will get at most trade shows.

What are Inline Trade Show Displays?

Inline simply means a display designed to back up to a wall. The back of the display will not be visible to trade show attendees. These booths will be bordered by exhibitors on both sides and there are typically height restrictions if you would like to add displays on the sides of your booth space. As an added benefit, your display backwall or backdrop can be offset from the back to serve as storage.

Maximum Open Floor Space

The backdrop display will deliver your brand messaging, opening the rest of the booth space for attendee traffic, product display and booth staff moving room. Try to keep your space as open as possible. It can be tempting to fill up your exhibit area with products or other exhibit accessories. Remember every single item you have in your booth will take up space that could otherwise be occupied by a prospective client.

While a 10ft by 10ft trade show booth can seem a bit snug and confining, with the right production partner you can maximize the tight environment into an intimate brand experience for trade show attendees. When designing the space, start with the backwall or backdrop, then determine what kind of counter or reception area you would like. Do you want attendees entering your space freely or to receive your sales pitch from the greeting area? If entering the space, what are they doing inside: Sitting down to write orders, having an interactive experience, etc.

10 x10

Lets Get Visual

So has anyone heard of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? If you have, then you can understand that great visual graphics are a MUST for any exhibitor. Having mediocre graphics, is like showing up to pick up your date for prom and forgetting to wear the suite. When planning for your event and how your trade show display will look make sure that you pick bold and declarative graphics be it your art, design or colors!

Choosing the Right Display

On a Budget

Pop-up Trade Show Displays

Manufactured with lightweight aluminum frames that expand in minutes and collapse just as quickly for easy storage. These are the easiest displays to set up. No tools required, graphics are attached, just expand the frame and you are good to go! The most popular pop up displays are designed with dye sublimation printed stretch fabric graphics that affix to the display via Velcro. The most popular brands are: Hopup, Hopup Lite, Ready Pop, RPL & One Fabric.


Retractable Banner Stands

Three or four banner stands can be set side by side to create a 10 ft backdrop display. There are several advantages to using retractable banner stands for your trade show booth. First, the cost can be comparatively lower than other stands, but that depends on a few factors. Two, they are easy to setup and disassemble. But most importantly, retractable banner stands are lightweight and easy to transport.

Slim Backdrops to Maximize Space

Slim backwall displays are sophisticated and create a lasting impression. The pillowcase like stretch fabric graphic slides over the frame and stretches to creates a display that removes possible wrinkles that may occur in transit. The graphics are incredibly easy to replace. Frames are lightweight yet heavy duty. These displays are offered by variety of vendors, the most popular being: Formulate, Waveline, EZ Tube and Eurofit.


Backlit exhibits will light up your trade show booth from across the convention floor. Make your backdrop for your booth pop with backlit light box displays! They are not cheap, but, the impact is unmatched.

Vector Frames Backlit Displays
Vector Frames Backlit Displays come in infinite size configurations. If you do not see the size you need, we can custom design the frame to your specifications. Vector frames offer you a playground to create dramatic effects with endless design possibilities! Create a stunning 3-dimensional Backlit display in a SNAP! These frames use the newest technology dye-sublimation printed stretch fabric graphics which affix to SEG frames.

Wavelight LED Backlit Displays

WaveLight LED backlit trade show displays by Makitso are the newest illuminated backdrops on the market. Ultra thin LED illuminated light box frame are designed to hold beautifully printed dye-sublimation custom tension fabric pillowcase graphics. These frames are lightweight and thin!

Go Bold

Orbital Truss Structures

Trade show orbital truss systems are prominent and make a powerful statement, however, they come at a price. They come with limitless customization options, are easy to assemble with no tools and offer quality construction that will last. In addition, these prominent exhibits help booths stand out, drawing attention from across the exhibit floor. Orbital truss exhibits are among our most popular items because of the impact they make at the show.

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