How to Choose the Right Pop-Up Canopy Tent for Your Outdoor Event

July 10, 2018 - By Yelena Korchman / Bogdan B Tabaka

Selecting the right outdoor canopy tent for your business or personal needs is not an easy task. The options are endless! You need to select the best canopy tent size, the right tent frame, canopy colors, canopy styles, bases, walls, flags and so much more. And, if you want custom printing on the tent canopy, tent walls or flags, the options just multiplied! In this article, our goal is to help you select the perfect pop-up canopy tent for your needs and budget. Lets get started!

Step One: Choose the Pop-Up Tent Size to Meet Your Needs

10ft x 10ft custom canopy tents are by far the most popular products, but your event or booth size may require a 10ft x 20ft tent or a smaller size. Your selection of tent size, will determine what pop-up tent frames are available to choose from. At we offer the following canopy tent sizes:

Step Two: Select the Right Frame for Your Budget

How often will you use your pop-up canopy tent? And, what weather conditions does your tent frame need to withstand (high winds, heavy rains, etc)? The answers to these two questions will help you assess quality and price as they compare to your budget. Regardless of the answers, your starting point should be a professional grade sturdy tent frame that will last!

Lets review the options.

Economy Frames: These are sturdy professional grade tents designed to hit a price point. They will perform well, however, may be the wrong choice if you are expecting strong winds and/or very frequent use. These frames are a great choice for personal use or small businesses working on a budget.

  • Zoom Economy (Square steel frame)
Creative Standard (1 mm steel with a powder-coated finish)
Standard Frames: These frames are built to last and be used over and over again for professional applications. They are the most popular choices for trade show events, street fairs and other promotional outdoor applications.

  • Casita (Hexagonal legs have a 40mm girth Aluminum construction)
  • Zoom Standard (Rust-resistant aluminum frame)
  • Creative Deluxe (1 mm steel with a powder-coated finish, stronger frame than standard)
  • Makitso (Lightweight Aluminum Frame)
Premium Frames: These frames are design to withstand the elements! If you anticipate strong winds, very frequent use or just want to go with the best frame on the market, these frames are great. However, they do come at a price.

  • Creative Premium (0.8 mm anodized aluminum)
  • Creative Ultimate (1.8 mm anodized aluminum)

Step Three: Choose Your Custom Outdoor Canopy Top

Once you have selected a frame, you need to choose the canopy top. Your options are a solid colored canopy or a custom printed canopy. For recreational pop-up tents, you can go with a simple blank canopy in a color of your choice. If the canopy tent is intended for promotional business activities, then you want to select a custom printed canopy top. Custom printing is a must at marketing events to stand out from your competition. If the business is on a budget, choose one imprint location, but definitely customize the tent with your branding!

A standard 10x10 canopy tent offers 9 printing choices, 8 individual print locations (see below) or full color printing (the entire canopy top is printed to reflect your artwork).

Note, when choosing a canopy top, you also have the option to select a vented canopy. This is a great choice in very hot conditions and especially if you plan on preparing food inside your tent!

Step Four: Select Your Pop-Up Tent Accessories – Walls, Flags, Leg Cuffs, Weights & Stakes

Tent Walls add additional space for messaging and branding on your tent. Options include full walls (usually reserved for the back) and half walls (usually used on the sides). Both are available in single-sided and double-sided printing options. Not all tent sizes offer wall options. If wall are important to you, a 10x10 or 10x20 tent is your best choice.

Flags are an excellent addition to draw more eyes to your tent and increase visibility of your location. You can purchase a flag to stand independently next to your tent, or, attach a flag or two to your tent frame.

Tent Leg Cuffs offer even more room to stand out with your branding message! You can choose to add from one to four cuffs to your tent to maximize the branding impact.
Weights & Stakes work to secure your tent in windy conditions. You can choose between water bases / ballasts and steel ballasts for grassy areas or pavement. Or, ground stakes with ropes for soft, grassy locations where you have room to spread out.

If you have any questions, please never hesitate to call (973-515-5151) or send an email. We are here to help!