Spotlight Blog: French Interlocking Cleats How-To

December 13, 2018 - By Bogdan B. Tabaka

With French Cleats Hanging Sign Hardware you can hang anything! Including decorative panels, wall signs, cabinets, wall art, advertisements, and much more. Available in a wide variety of lengths and sizes, this hardware can accommodate the majority of your hanging or mounting needs.

Have Something Heavy to Hang? French Interlocking Cleats Can Help!

French Cleats

Using a pair of French Cleats Hanging Hardware you can easily mount items, such as wall art and business signs. They are always sold in pairs and ranging in lengths from 2 to 36 inches, these Interlocking French Cleat hangers are easy to install. always recommends considering the size and weight of the items you plan on hanging or mounting before purchasing Interlocking French Cleats. The surface to which you will be mounting also effects which Interlocking French Cleat hangers you should use. The lighter signs and displays may be installed using standard screws, but with the heavier objects, you will want to use heavy duty or industrial screws and/or fasteners. Positioning the cleats is key and confuses some people.

For the cleat attached to the wall, position the narrow face of the cleat against the wall. The thin edge (point) of the bevel should be away from the wall and facing up. This creates a pocket for the beveled edge of the project cleat or back rail. For the Interlocking French Cleat on the item being hung or back rail, position the narrow face of the cleat against the back of the project with the thin edge of the bevel away from the back of the project and facing down. Think of the two cleats as puzzle pieces designed to fit perfectly together.

After installing in the desired location, you can simply slide one cleat into the other for hidden mounting system. (see illustration above)

When choosing a size, purchase cleat hangers that measure at least 75% of the width of the item that you are hanging. Additionally, a second set of cleat hangers might be required for heavy objects, attaching one set along the top and one set along the bottom of the object being hung – such as when hanging cabinets. If you pay attention to the surface where you will be mounting your object, the weight of the item, and the size of the French cleats you purchase, you can hang nearly anything along a wall with these hidden mounting systems. Easily hang your wall signs, cabinets, marketing panels, wall ads, or even wall desks.

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