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Vue-More Battery Operated Display Turntables and Ceiling Motors

These display turntables ship in one day and are ready to use out of the box. They are battery operated and perfect when access to an electric outlet is not possible or convenient. Ideal for table top displays and trade show applications to eliminate the need for wires! The MB200B model operates with a rechargeable battery that has a 40 hours life. The other models use D or C batteries that allow for 24 / 7 rotation ranging from 1 - 6 months depending on the unit.
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Motion gets your display noticed! When something is moving, people are inclined to look because it is out of the ordinary. Our customers have purchased rotating display turntables to add spinning motion to trade show displays, light boxes, kiosks, humans, mannequins, Christmas trees, wedding cakes, photography, in-store displays, and much much more. The most popular applications for the rotating ceiling motors is to spin hanging banners, signs, displays and lights at trade shows, in retail stores and at marketing events.

About Vue-More

Vue-More has been a leading manufacturer of motorized display turntables and rotating ceiling motors for over 40 years. They manufacture a wide variety of display turntables and ceiling mounted motors with capacity ranging from 10 to 2,000 pounds. Products include floor, table top, ceiling and wall mounted display spinners, and are available in both electric and battery operated versions.

Vue-More display turntables and ceiling mounted motors for hanging displays are commercial grade and MADE IN THE USA. They are quality made and value priced. The motors are built to last and come with a one-year warranty. Most display turntables and ceiling motors are in stock and ship the same day. Let Vue-More turntables and ceiling motors help your displays get noticed at your next trade show or event! Or, highlight your product offering with motion to grab customers' attention!