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Brandcusi Fabric Banner Stand by Makitso

Compact, lightweight and easy to assemble, this banner stand set up in minutes. And with the addition of the Bubble weighted base, Brandcusi can be used outdoor or indoor. Add spotlights for increased visibility.
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Brandcusi Fabric Banner Stand by Makitso

Elegant Brandcusi Stand will great addition for your trade show needs. Award winning design, the Brandcusi Banner Stand is an 3-dimensional display that can be viewed from all sides. Made from Poly Stretch Fabric. Frame made from Curved Aluminum. Makitso has lifetime warranty on hardware and one (1) year on graphic.

You can order the design you love directly online, or contact us to discuss any questions - call us at (973) 515-5151 or send an email.

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Banner Stands are one of the tools that can be effectively used for advertising. In fact, it has been found that banner stands are ideal means through which one can advertise about goods and services. Banner Stands can be found in large numbers at exhibitions, displays and trade shows. Depending on the type of goods which you want to advertise, you can choose a location and through the use of Banner Stands, say what you want to tell to your prospective customers.

About Makitso

Makitso provides innovative display and digital kiosk solutions for marketing professionals and creatives around the world. It is a creatively-minded company whose founders come from engineering, design, marketing and media. The Makitso experience is built around the idea of pairing functional design with simplicity to achieve a beautiful product that is made just right. Never over-engineered, never-overpriced. Always guaranteed.

The company's mission is to enable the expression of ideas to become reality. When all the hard work is done and everything comes together, the company strives for its users to show off their brands, products, services and creative ideas through working and tangible print display and digital media solutions.

Makitso is the preferred distributor of BrandStand International display products in America. The team is based out of offices in Southeast Asia and Stafford, Texas.