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Stock Carrying Cases for Business

Innovative equipment cases for business people in a larger variety of styles and sizes.
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Stock Carrying Cases for Business

We offer a line of stock carrying cases in a larger variety of styles and sizes:
- 624 Delta Case
- 725 Concorde Case
- 750 Slim-Line Case
- 707 Case
- 636 Carrying Case
- 608 Case Inexpensive Cases
- 606 Carrying Case Light-Weight Instrument Case
- 929 Shippable Rugged Transit Case
- 202 Aluminum Case Quality Appearance / Classic Design
- 303 Poly Case Traditional Design with Affordable Protection
- 852 Transit Trunk A Rugged Transit Case suitable to Carry or Ship is dealer of Case Design Corporation. CDC is in the business of making you more successful through innovative equipment cases for business people. They know that when your presentation or technical equipment is adequately protected from abuses of traveling and shipping, you will work more effectively and with greater confidence.

CDC manufactures more cases, both stock and custom made, in a larger variety of styles fitted for individual purposes than any other company in the United States. We offer you new, high-tech designs as well as proven performers, unique production methods, and people who understand your needs and want to help you.

While we stock a complete line of off-the-shelf cases, we also work with customers to create customized cases designed to meet unique and special requirements. From concept through design, our engineers will finalize your design and produce a sample in as little as 10 working days. From presentation projectors and laptop computers, to the largest medical or technical equipment, sourcing a quality CDC case starts with an e-mail, fax or phone call.