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Coyote Full Mural Graphics Popup Displays

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Coyote Full Mural Graphics Popup Displays

Lightweight, purple collapsible aluminum frames, magnetic channel bars and magnet applied rollable UV graphic panels or fabric panels, Coyote displays are an easy way to make an impact at any event or tradeshow.

Assembly and disassembly are easy thanks to the s tate-of-the-art rare earth neo magnets on individual channel bars. Display systems are offered in many sizes and configurations, from tabletop to 20ft long displays. Coyote pop up displays are portable, versatile, durable and easy.

With a wide range of sizes, shapes and configuration options to choose from, the Coyote Popup system is remarkably versatile. Browse the available sizes and configurations below to choose the display that is right for your needs.

XYZ Displays is happy to bring you a variety of Coyote pop-up displays to choose from – there’s something for everyone! We have individual Coyote displays as well as all-inclusive kits containing everything you need to create a beautiful trade show booth. There are a variety of accents and accessories available to accent your Coyote display, including internal shelves, monitor mounts, and case-to-counter conversion kits and graphics.

We strive to make every order seamless and pride ourselves on the best customer support. We understand that your needs are unique to you, which is why you can rely on us for custom design services that can transport your logos and ideas into a vivacious print.

We are here to help get your project done quickly, beautifully, and as easily as possible. As far as we’re concerned, there’s never a problem, only a solution!