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Custom Modular Exhibits

Inline and island exhibits and displays created by Origin Exhibit Structures, an award-winning trade show manufacturer
Choose custom trade show exhibits, displays or structures to stand out on the convention floor. Draw eyes to your trade show booth with exciting custom exhibits & displays for inline, peninsula and island trade show booths. We can customize any existing trade show exhibit with your branding and graphics or redesign an exhibit to your specifications! Our exciting designs include everything from simple backdrops to elaborate booths with TV monitors displays, hanging banner signs, backlit displays, tower structures, and much more.

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Custom Modular Exhibits

You can order the design you love directly online, or contact us to discuss any questions, including alterations and/or additions to an existing display or exhibit - call us at (973) 515-5151 or send an email with any questions that you may have.

Our portfolio consists of exhibits and displays created by Origin Exhibit Structures, an award-winning trade show manufacturer. is the exclusive online distributor of these trade show products.

About Origin Exhibit Structures

Origin is a division of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group - a privately owned group of companies that specialize in the manufacture and supply of trade show displays, trade show exhibits, architectural wayfinding signage and fabric exhibit solutions.

Origin manufactures a full spectrum of beautiful fabric-based exhibits, environments and structures, portable to custom. With Origin, you can make your exhibit and environment exactly what you want it to be. Origin solutions combine shape, specialty fabrics, lightweight frames and lighting to create captivating and artistic presentations and spaces.