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Custom Printing

Custom Printing. Price per 1 sq. ft. Choose from variety of material: Fabric, Vinyl, PVC. Enter the quantity as either linear feet or square feet, as labeled.

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  • UV Backlit Fabric Full Color Print is recomended for Light Boxes and Backlit Displays.
  • Hybrid Vinyl Full-Color Print  - great for indoor or outdoor use.
  • PVC Full-Color Print is Alternative to Laminate, for brighter colors and great choice for big Wave Pop Ups.
  • UV Tent Fabric Full-Color Print is recomended for UV Custom Casita Canopy Tents - with vivid color, water resistant, High Quality Finish.
  • Roll Up Fabric Full Color Print, also know as Banner Fabric, Satin, or Retractable Fabric  is great alternative to Super Flat. Recommended for indoor use.
  • 13 oz. Scrim Vinyl Full Color Print is great for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Blockout Fabric is for use between double-sided Mesh fabric.
  • Laminated Full Color Print  or Polycarbonate Laminate Overlay on Pop Up Material, smooth and matte, is recommended for Big Wave Pop Ups.
  • Mesh Fabric Full-Color Print is 100% Polyester Knit Mesh (Non-Stretch). Great for indoor or outdoor use. Great ink penetration.
  • Stretch Fabric Full-Color Print is recommended for indoor use:  Table Runners, Table Throws (Custom), Fabric Displays.
  • Super Flat Vinyl Full-Color Print - recommended for indoor use and great for retractable banners stands.