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Digital Freestanding Kiosks by United Visual

Our free standing digital and touch screen kiosks are specifically designed for commercial markets. Manufactured with a sleek design you will love and built to last for years. As a bonus, these digital kiosk are easy to install and maintain, making it the perfect choice for today’s marketplace.  Choose to add built-in BrightSign, Novisign, Windows or Android for seamless marketing.  Freestanding kiosks are available in 43, 49 and 55 inches.
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LCD Kiosks: continuous, reliable operation

After connecting with a digital signage media player and digital signage software, UVP Digital Signage posters can access a web-based server from any location, and update the contents by LAN, WIFI or 3G. Our professional LCD displays offer continuous, reliable operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our dynamic commercial grade digital ePoster will captivate your customers with its vivid high definition 1080p display. ePosters come equipped with a built in media player with 4GB of on board memory. This media player is capable of playing digital media of all types in multiple zones along with scrolling text. All screens come with a free user-friendly playlist editing software. This software allows you to manage your media campaigns playlists, schedule when ads play and their duration, as well as set the on/off time for the screen. All media content is then loaded to the screen via USB flash drive. These screens are also scalable to fit any digital sign program by housing your choice of mini PC inside the screen and connecting it to your digital sign network. Signs include 5 watt built in speakers. This ePoster is constructed from powder coated steel and features an integrated internal cooling system for extended operating times. A tempered glass face has been added for safety, security and ease of cleaning. All displays can be anchored to the floor. 4 and 6 point touch options are available for special order - minimum order charges apply.

Some additional features that our signs offer and are capable of include:

  • Artwork options based on easy-to-edit premade templates
  • Live display of weather feeds and updates with our built-in weather app
  • Live RSS, news, and stock market feeds
  • Unlimited technical support and traning

Digital Signage: Retail

  • Grab the attention of your customers and add influence right at the point of purchase with Digital Signage. Eliminate the high costs of in-store printed flyers and banners by using digital displays. Update displays with daily, weekly, and monthly specials as well as promote new products, news, and information relevant to your business. Maximize traffic by placing digital displays in high traffic areas of your business. Other benefits and capabilities of Digital Signage include:
  • Increasing impulse purchases
  • Displaying product demonstrations and testimonials
  • Educating and informing customers on your loyalty programs
  • Maximizing store traffic and promoting particular items based on time of year, season, or specials

Digital Signage: Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes are all realizing how Digital Signage can revolutionize methods of communication with both patients and staff. The use of Digital Signage has numerous visual communication benefits for your healthcare facility.

Here are several ways your facility can use these visual tools to improve overall patient and visitor experiences:

Provide patients with valuable information such as hospital hours, FAQs, staff directories, as well as locations of in-house facilities such as pharmacies, gift shops, and cafeterias.

  • Display information regarding common seasonal illnesses as well as new treatment solutions and medical procedures updates
  • Keep your patients and staff up to date on of important information, daily news, and provided services
  • Highlight optional specialty services, such as weight loss clinics, wellness programs, etc
  • Guide visitors, staff, and patients through your facility with Digital Signage as interactive map
  • Amp up exposure to signs by placing them in high traffic areas
  • Sell advertising space to other health related businesses and drug companies

Digital Signage: Car Dealerships

Using Digital Signage within your car dealership is the perfect advertising solution. These eye-catching signs allow for easy broadcast of inventory specials, sales, news, and more. Digital Signage allows you to save money on printing costs, eliminating the need for static printed media. Equip your showroom today with an easy-to-use, cost-effective digital signage solution. Captivating Digital Signage allows you to:

  • Promote new financing rates
  • Educate your customers on current specials, new vehicles, and custom features
  • Draw in additional business with photos and information
  • Up sell services and maintenance packages
  • Advertise lease options for new vehicles
  • Promote customer testimonials
  • Provide How-To tutorials

Digital Signage: Financial Institutions

Banks, credit unions, and financial institutions of all types are beginning to successfully implement Digital Signage in efforts to communicate more directly with their customers. For example, in ING Direct is cafes, Digital Signage is used to not only entertain, but also engage potential customers who have stopped in for a drink and may not be aware that ING is a financial institution. Their signage content is designed to introduce ING as a company as well as inform their potential customers of the advantages their company offers.

  • List new loan, CD, credit card, and mortgage rates
  • Educate your customers on policy changes, general news, events, and updates
  • Promote financial understanding with easy-to-read interest charts
  • Up sell available services and packages
  • Promote customer testimonials
  • Offer helpful tips for saving and investing

Digital Signage: Hotels

Help your guests feel welcome while making them aware of your hotel's amenities and services. Incorporating Digital Signage into your hotel is the perfect advertising solution, ideal for lobbies, hallways, and conference centers. Not only will these signs captivate the attention of your customers, but they will also increase your sales significantly. Benefits and capabilities of our line of Digital Signage include:

  • Increased sales through greater guest awareness of amenities and facilities
  • Provide dates, times, and locations for upcoming meetings and events
  • Provide way-finding maps, directions, and room listings from the lobby
  • Provide information on local attractions, flights, events, and activities
  • Promote value-added services, including room upgrades and loyalty programs
  • Display welcome messages for conferences and large group events
  • Congratulate valued guests on birthdays or anniversaries

Digital Signage: Restaurants

Advertise specials, update menus, and offer special announcements in your restaurant with our line of Digital Signage! These digital displays allow you to update signs for specific date or time ranges. Easily promote your breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus with our easy-to-use ADPlayList Editor. Additional features of our signs include:

  • Up-sell your products with high quality graphics and videos
  • Spotlight individual menu items in 1080P HD
  • Issue immediate price and menu changes
  • Boost the success of promotional items
  • Decrease printing costs
  • Reduce perceived wait times, while entertaining and enhancing the customer experience

Digital Signage: Colleges

Share news and information across your campus quickly and easily
Displaying campus news and information is critical to running an effective campus. By using digital signage, your university can easily broadcast messages across the entire campus all on one simple computer network. Here are some of the great benefits our Digital Signage line can offer:

  • Displaying immediate or emergency alerts and updates
  • Post event and activity schedules
  • Announce closures or canceled classes
  • Personalize visitor greetings, welcome notices, and guest announcements
  • Advertise specials, promotions, sales, and menus at bookstores, cafes and other campus shops
  • Broadcast educational programs or remote lectures
  • Post administrative announcements and registration schedules
  • Advertise volunteer opportunities and community outreach programs
  • Share live weather, traffic, stock, and sports information
  • Use as a way-finding tool for visitors and students to get around campus