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Digital Kiosk & Displays - LG Displays

High quality digital and interactive kiosks are in stock and ready to ship within days of your order. Choose from our selection of vertical standing kiosks, horizontal models and wall mounted units. LG displays are used in all models. You choose between digital or touch displays, android or integrated windows models!
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43in i-Player by USB 43in i-Player by USB
Our Price: $1,458.00
49in i-Player by USB 49in i-Player by USB
Our Price: $1,845.00
55in i-Player by USB 55in i-Player by USB
Our Price: $2,045.00
43in i-Kiosk Computer 43in i-Kiosk Computer
Our Price: $2,045.00
49in i-Kiosk Computer 49in i-Kiosk Computer
Our Price: $2,245.00
55in i-Kiosk Computer 55in i-Kiosk Computer
Our Price: $2,545.00
You can order the digital or interactive product you love directly online, or contact us to discuss any questions, including large orders and customization options - call us at (973) 515-5151 or send an email.