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EZ Tube Tension Fabric Displays

The EZ Tube line of displays offers a portable, lightweight and cost-effective marketing solution that is professional and outperforms. As an added benefit, displays are incredibly easy to assemble and carry from trade show to marketing event. Simply snap together the aluminum tube frame, slide over the pillowcase like stretch fabric graphics and zip for a tight wrinkle free finish. These gorgeous displays feature quality fabric graphics that are dye-sublimated using the latest technology. Choose from EZ Tube backdrops, towers, counters,tension fabric banners, tabletop displays and more. Combining wide assortment, east of setup, quality, fast turnaround and affordability, the EZ Tube line of displays is hard to beat!
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EZ Tube Trade Show Displays - Backdrops, Towers, Counters, Tabletop, Banner Stands

EZ fabric trade show displays feature lightweight frames that expand with ease, allowing one to two people to set up even large units in a snap. As with all our display types, you will find a broad variety of styles to match any brand aesthetic.

EZ fabric trade show displays also allow more Trade Show freedom. By utilizing different fabrics and printing methods, designers can create a variety of imagery effects. A tension fabric trade show display also offers supreme re-usability, as fabrics are relatively inexpensive. Buy one frame and as many fabric graphics as you want to create an experience that is precision-tailored to each show’s audience.

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What are Ez Tube Booth displays?

EZ Tube Booth displays can be setup as backdrops, back walls or center island booths. All our booths are stylish and offer the wow factor in your Ez Tube tradeshow exhibit. A booth display is a marketing teams best and biggest attraction source for stopping traffic at your Ez Tube booth. The most compelling Ez Tube booths have graphic designs that feature big bold interesting headlines, contrasting colors and a creative graphic image for the wow factor. Regardless of the style you choose our marketing Ez Tube displays are designed to attract attention promote your marketing message to win you business. Your marketing booth is the one customers will remember! Excellent for trade show exhibits, business promotions, schools, airports, retail stores, marketing events, exhibits, malls, chamber of commerce events or anywhere you need to promote your message in style.

The EZ Tube Trade Show Displays ultimate in frame-graphic technology! Create a stunning 3-dimensional display. Diferent frame configurations, two planes for integrated graphics, and infinite configurations, offer you a playground to create dramatic effects with endless design possibilities! 3-D capability and fabric size options create a truly unique display and lasting impression.The versatility of this frame allows you to change graphics easily to create a totally fresh display.
The next generation in large graphic presentation. These new light weight heavy duty frames can suspend a fabric graphic image. Erected in seconds and packed away just as quickly, this display is the newest solution for the busy exhibitor to display and be on the move! Available in a range of sizes, Curved and straight. Make your next Trade Show Exhibits successful beyond expectation with pop up booths and Trade Show Displays.

EZTube Trade Show Displays offer an exciting new way to promote your business at trade shows, exhibitions and conventions! Create a big impact with custom images.Tension Fabric Display & Exhibits, also known as Fabric Backwall or Background displays. Each of EZ Tube Trade Show Displays features a lightweight aluminum frame that is durable, stable, and simple to setup. EZ Tube Trade Show Displays come us Full color zippered tension fabric graphic print. EZ Tube Trade Show Displays are light enough to carry wherever you go and fit in a carrying cases. Tension Fabric Display & Exhibits came in a variety of different configurations. Each style of EZ Tube Trade Show Displays allows you to create a customized Exhibits with your own artwork. Each fabric graphic is wrinkle resistant, machine washable, and flame retardant to comply with fire codes.

We supply all types of fabric displays for trade shows and special events from table top displays to Island systems to hanging displays. Create high impact graphic walls, towers, podiums, counters, stand-offs, side walls, banners, hanging signs as well as numerous shapes both standard & custom! Really the design possibilities are endless. EZ Tube Trade Show Displays are easy to use. Most systems utilize a "pillowcase" fabric graphics system to apply graphics. Others use a combination silicon gasket & channel to attach fabric graphics. Aluminum extrusions collapse down for easy assembly, tear down and portability. Designing with EZTube Trade Show Displays is easy and rewarding. Custom shapes & sizes are available along with a whole slew of standard shapes for walls, towers, counters and free standing elements.