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Eye Shaped Hanging Displays - Formulate Hanging Displays

Eye shaped hanging banners are 3D Signs designed for trade show booth displays. These Formulate hanging banner offers a unique eye shaped surface for custom graphics to be noticed from across the trade show floor. The Signs can be printed single or double-sided on stretch tension fabric. Trade show ready - set up easy, pack away quickly and travel light.
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Eye Formulate 3D Hanging Banner Displays

The Eye Formulate 3D Hanging Banner Displays offers a interesting eye-shaped surface for your messaging on trade show or other expo event. These extra large Eye Formulate 3D Hanging Banner Displays are enable you to been seen from practically anywhere at your trade show. Available in numerous sizes, can be single or double-sided.

Eye hanging structures come in 8', 10', 12', 14', 16', top Eye configurations at varying heights of 2', 3', 4', 5' & 6'. Certified and guaranteed by a licensed structural engineer for use in most exhibit halls, Eye Formulate 3D Hanging Banner Displays are constructed from a carefully crafted aluminum tube framework to create a rigid skeleton. Collapses to a fraction of its size. Often 1 person can fully assemble the Hanging Sign.

The high quality, dye-sublimated fabric graphic is stretched over frame like a pillow case to form a large, smooth, eye-catching sign that can be seen from all over the event.

The graphic is made of tension fabric and printed digitally with state-of-the-art Dye Sublimation machines or vinyl material. Banner printed in full color allowing your designer to be as creative as they want with the colors and overall look.

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You can also add spinning motor for constant motion effect. Spinning motors come from 100lb to 300lb capacities.

Notice the message, not the frame when you display your graphic on a Eye Hanging Banner Displays.