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Hardware for Embrace Hopup Tension Fabric Displays

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Embrace L-shape Clamps. Embrace Portable tabletop displays and exhibits. Several different styles are available, including pop up frames with stretch fabric or fold up panels Embrace L-shape Clamps
Our Price: $41.00
Embrace SingleShelf Kit Embrace Single Shelf Kit
Our Price: $237.00
Embrace Double Shelf Kit Embrace Double Shelf Kit
Our Price: $315.00

Hardware for Embrace Hopup Tension Fabric Displays: SEG frames

The frames are collapsible, lightweight and portable. Frame eight anodized silver collapsible frames, specifically four 4x3 frames stacked as the center backwall, two 1x3 frames stacked on left and two 1x3 frames stacked on the right. Also included are perimeter channel bars and six push-fit fabric graphics. The eight frames are connected together easily with a simple clamp system. Embrace displays feature seamless, clean, crisp lines due to the push-fit fabric graphics that hug the collapsible frames. No tools are required for assembly.

Embrace Hopup Push-FIt tension Fabric Displays ultimate in frame-graphic technology! Popup displays featuring Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG), or push-fit fabric graphics have a wrinkle free, edge-to-edge graphic appearance. Simply push the SEG beading into the corner of the frame(s), then smooth around the perimeter to secure. The finished product will be a smooth, eye-catching display!