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Hop-Up Dimension Trade Show Booth Kits

These pop-up dimension kit displays are excellent as the centerpiece of your trade show booth or exhibition space. These large pop up trade show dimension kit displays offer shelving and TV monitor mounts. Graphics are printed on durable tension fabric using only non-toxic, water-based inks. The screen is mounted on a lightweight, aluminum frame that collapses down to become both compact and portable. The printed graphic can be left in place when the display is no longer in use. In addition, this display comes with a monitor mount and two rigid stand-off units with full graphics and a literature rack on each stand-off. This display is quick and easy to assemble, and both the screen and the frame are made from fully recyclable materials.
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Why choose Exhibit Hopup Dimension Kits

Combining style and speed, the Hopup Dimension kits offer tension fabric displays that integrate fabric graphic with lightweight aluminum frames. This makes for the fastest and one of the easiest displays on the market. Hopup Dimension Kits is one of the most energetic and popular large graphic displays due to its combined maximum impact and minimal effort. Simply expand the collapsible silver frame and you have a fast and impressive display. And, there is the added benefit to add a TV monitor to your display for maximum branding. Or, choose to add shelving and stand off marketing messages for a 3-dimensional look.

If you need affordable and budget-friendly solution for tension fabric display the Hopup trade show booth dimension kits is the best choice. Can be set up in seconds and can be packed away just as quickly. It has a light weight, heavy duty frame that holds a fabric graphic. The durable stretch fabric graphic stays attached to the aluminum frame for fast and efficient use. The Hopup Tension Fabric Display is designed to hold a stretch fabric graphic that attaches to the frame with Velcro, and even folds up with the graphic still attached to make set up extremely quick and easy. When the Hopup Tension Fabric display is expanded, the graphic is pulled tight, smoothing out any wrinkles, which is where tension fabric displays get their name. Graphics are available that just cover the face of the frame, or in sizes that wrap around the sides of the frames to form end caps.