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Retail Lightboxes & Illuminated Signs

Our Light Box signs, both fluorescent and LED series are available in
popular sizes, colors and extrusion styles or custom made to your
specifications. Retail illuminated lightboxes are the great solution to light up retail environment. We offer wide range of backlit light box displays - from ultra-slim, single or double sided, large format, column and curved.

Retail Light Boxes and Illuminated Displays

Some of our favorite types of lighting include:

Clamp Lights

Clamp lights are lightweight and attach easily to your trade show display lights or fixtures. Clamp lights are best used to highlight a specific trade show display area, but can also be positioned for general illumination. One big advantage of clamp lights versus other lighting options is the ability to shine the light in any direction without taking up a lot of surface area, saving you valuable space that can be used to display your items. Halogen and fluorescent clamp lamps provide bright and efficient trade show lighting with limited space and are relatively inexpensive, making them good options for your next event.

Undercabinet lights

Undercabinet lights are a good way to illuminate work surfaces and provide dramatic trade show lighting and are best used in booths with cabinetry. These lights can help increase utilization of workspaces and counters within your display booth, making them a must have in your display arsenal. Under cabinet lights can also be used to illuminate dark corners of your displays.


Uplighting provides a soft, indirect source of light that creates general illumination within your trade show display booth. The advantage of up lighting is in its soft, atmospheric effect. It can be used in conjunction with other types of trade show lighting to bring visual interest to your trade show display. When uplighting is utilized, the room gains not only more useful light, but also more character and charm. The most popular varieties of uplights include the torchiere, spotlight, sconce, and ceiling fans with lighting. Each up-lighting fixture shines light up onto the ceiling, thereby avoiding annoying glare in the eyes. Uplighting can be used in almost any trade show lighting environment. Sconces placed on either side of a mirror can be turned up to shine on the ceiling while lighting that work area. Sconces can be utilized to highlight literature and graphics. The torchiere is a stylish floor lamp that directs upward for ambient light that also acts as accent lighting. These lamps can bring attention to an area on the trade show display area as well as provide general light.

LED signs

Trade show LED signs are an instant hit among exhibitors and attendees alike as they can not only differentiate your booth, but also deliver your message quickly and easily. Scrolling LED lights will let all attendees know who you are and what you do, just hang the sign in a prominent place or even at the top of your booth.