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Media Displays with TV Monitor Mounts

Trade show displays with mounts for TV monitors up to 21" and hanging harness for TV monitors up to 40".
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WaveLine Media Tension Fabric Graphic Displays with monitor mount for TV

Generating traffic flow is a key factor to get the best results at any trade show. Experts agree that a heavy traffic flow around your booth may triplicate your sales, help you build a brand and add targeted contacts to your customers list. That is why you should go for the best solution today. The new WaveLine Interactive Media trade show display is the latest in trade show exhibitions.

What is this about? This is one of the most incredible solutions when it comes to attracting customers to your trade show stand. This easy technique that includes the latest technology will definitely improve your performance and your booth appearance.

Trade show display

It is an instant eye catcher that will help you attract targeted clients around your booth. With a bright LED monitor and customized front, all that you need to do is waving your hand to have access to all the information you need. It is a very simple method to use and you won't have to deal with skipping DVDs that slow your job anymore.

What do you need to do? This incredible solution has 8 different light sensors located on the front of the display. You just need to preload the information with a USB device. Include different content for each sensor and choose different sensor image to represent each video. The sensors will allow your potential customers to drive content on the LED monitor. They will have an easy and interactive access to your company information just by waving a hand in front of any of the eight sensors, depending on the media they decide to see.

The new WaveLine Interactive Media Display is also an incredible tool to support your presentations in front of targeted audiences. You can use these videos when talking about your company and the products or services you offer. If someone ask a question during the presentation or you have any other kind of interruption, you just need to wave your hand over the same sensor again to pause the media on the LED monitor. This way, you can take your time to answer questions and there won't be important information missed.

WaveLine Interactive Media Display also offers a 9th video option to play with no interaction, so it is not necessary to spend the whole day waving your hand again and again.

If you really want to attract everyone's attention into your booth you must find the best solution to increase traffic. Look at the right place, make a good use of technology, and get the most out of the next trade show event.

"Interactive media" is a blanket phrase that encompasses everything from custom interactive software development to digital-media production. In trade show exhibits, interactive multimedia is used for a variety of reasons, the most common of which are to draw visitors into the booth, to provide engaging brand experiences, and to educate attendees about products and services.

Admittedly, developing interactive media for exhibits can be a complex proposition. However, adding this tool to your exhibit is almost a prerequisite to success, particularly for some trade shows and audiences. For in a world where news, shopping, training, and even reading are increasingly done via computers and mobile devices, many attendees have come to expect interactive digital media as a primary means of communication.

If you decide to embrace this new and evolving interactive device, it can offer multiple benefits to your exhibit program, aside from just delivering content via a medium attendees can appreciate. It can be flexible, letting you quickly, easily, and inexpensively customize content for each show and visitor, as opposed to redesigning and reproducing three-dimensional exhibit components and graphics, which is a time-consuming and expensive alternative. And often, it's a weightless, highly effective tactic, requiring only the apparatus to house the technology - a fact that might decrease weight-based costs.

Also, interactive media is typically scalable, adapting to fill large display screens or small tablet devices, and it can even be used off the show floor at ancillary events or sales calls. Plus, the addition of animation and video elements makes it more eye-catching than static booth graphics, and implementing new technologies can help present your brand as cutting edge.

If you need to convince your company's number crunchers that interactive media is a smart spend, remember that this medium can be used to generate detailed metrics, such as on how visitors are using media within your exhibits. Applications can record each mouse click, tracking what content visitors choose to view and the length of time visitors spend with it. When integrated with lead-retrieval systems, interactives can also provide in-depth information about individual attendee's interactions - data that salespeople can later use to hone their pitches - as well as broader demographic information giving you an overview of attendees' specific interests.

Clearly, interactive media has a place within most exhibits. But given its seemingly unlimited scope, it's helpful to look at different types of interactive media commonly used in exhibits to see how you might best implement it in your program.

Informational Kiosks - Kiosks give attendees access to a wide variety of information, from interactive product catalogs to technical specifications. These devices can use rich media (audio, video, and animation) to provide an immersive experience, and the interactivity puts the attendee in charge of how and what he or she chooses to view. While the term "kiosk" traditionally refers to a freestanding touchscreen display, people often expand this concept to include everything from handheld tablets to large-scale multitouch walls.