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Trade Show Modular Fabric Light Box Displays

Our light box LED lbacklit display options provide high impact at your trade shows and corporate events. Made with aluminum extrusion frames and using Ultra-Bright LED light strips, these LED light boxes are the top end solution for exhibitors looking for the best backlit displays.
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Modular Fabric Light Box (Backlit) Displays

Featuring New Back Lighting Options!

Modular Backlit Lightbox Displays are the new generation of custom modular aluminum display booths.

These exhibit kits and all other SEG Backlit Displays, are our best-selling portable lightbox kits. Each trade show stand includes low-profile modular aluminum frames, built-in LED light strips, and premium tension fabric "wrinkle free" dye sublimation graphics. The LED lights are surprisingly more powerful and bright than most exhibitors expect.

The consistent hot spotting free glow on the mural graphic panels that allow display frames to be custom to custom sizes and display double sided graphics. The tension fabric graphic murals easily attach to the aluminum hardware structure with silicone edging. Booth set up and breakdown are simple, fast, and can be completed by just one exhibitor.

Looking for a compact backlit display? Be the coolest kid on the block showing off this beauty with the flip of a switch, literally. The aluminum frame has been designed for easy assembly. Connect with a flip-lock mechanism. With the rubber beading, sewn on the edge of the fabric graphics, simply push the edges into the frame's recessed grooves to install. Removable graphics allows you to keep the frame and replace new graphics as desired.

We offer bright, white light in modern, energy-saving designs, bringing visual display illumination to a whole new level. Ideal for use in a variety of applications including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and other commercial environments, LED light box products help create eye-catching presentations while yielding significant energy savings.