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Sign Displays: Motion Displays

Motion Displays.

Get Your Advertising Noticed With Our Motion Displays!
Used Successfully In These Retail Environments:
- Malls
- Restaurants
- Airports
- Hotels and Resorts
- Travel Agencies
- Banks
- Trade Shows
- Car Rental Agencies
- Arenas and Stadiums
- Waiting Areas

Our motion displays offer you the frequency and reach your need to build product recognition and recall. Studies have proven that motion has long been known as an effective attention-getter in displays. And knowing this, retailers give preferential placement to motion displays because they of the proven increases in sales that our scrolling motion displays deliver.

In addition to contributing to the consumers overall product recall, our scrolling motion displays offer you the opportunity to reach consumers with your marketing message when they are in a store ready to buy.

The light and full color attributes of our scrolling motion display contribute significantly to the already powerful effect of its motion. The constant movement and changing content of our display boards focus potential consumers on the advertisements.