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Lighting for Popup Displays

LED lights mount to your pop up exhibits to light up your display graphics!  Adds that extra touch to make your trade show booth stand out in a crowd!  Hopup, RPL and other lights will put an extra shine to your Backwall Display. Our low power high impact spot lights draw attention at any trade show or event.
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Pop Up Display Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in making your banner stand trade show displays a success, it can be the difference between getting that sale or not. We have a large range of lights suitable for any and all of your exhibit and tradeshow displays. Our lights are designed for use with the trade show displays that we stock, if you have a pop up, banner stand or panel kit from another supplier please check before you buy to make sure they are compatible.

Focus light where you need it most with our banner stand spots, or light the way with our flood lights for pop ups, don't just rely on the lighting at the exhibition or trade show, make sure you stand out from the crowd. Having a vivid and exciting display is of no use if people can't see it because it's too dark!!

One of our most popular items is The Lumina Power Spot Line which offers a wide selection of value for the money. Spotlights come with various connectors, making them versatile and easy to use with practically any banner stand trade show displays or panel system. All lights meet current UL safety regulations and are available in either a stylish Silk Black or Deluxe Chrome finish (as specified). Minimum distance to lighted object: 16 feet (0.5 m) Input: 120V, 60 Hz CAUTION - RISK OF FIRE - Use 200 watt or smaller double ended halogen lamp type T-3, 120 volt. CAUTION - To reduce the risk of a burn during replacing bulb, disconnect power to the unit by unplugging before bulb replacement. Keep fixture away from combustible materials. Replace cracked protective shield immediately. Do not use fixture without the shield being installed. To reduce the risk of exposure to excessive UV radiation, do not remain under light if skin feels warm. Protect the fixture from impact, scratching or abrasions. If the cord-set becomes damaged, replace the cord-set before using fixture.