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Pop-Up Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric pop-up display are a top choice for trade show booths and events that require fast easy set up. A lightweight aluminum display frame expands in seconds, no tools required. Stretch tension fabric graphics affix to the display with velcro and remain attached during shipping. Choose from the top selling pop-up display brands: Hopup, Ready Pop, RPL Displays & OneFabric. Or, if you prefer magnetic trade shows exhibits, see our Coyote pop-up displays.
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Pop-Up Displays

Pop-up tension fabric displays are an essential component of a trade show booth. Pop-up displays are unmatched in portability and come in a variety of styles and sizes for floor displays, tabletop exhibiting, and as the backdrop centerpiece of your trade show booth or event space! Choose from curved pop-ups displays, panel display models, backdrop and counter combos, hook-and-loop tension fabric pop-ups, and double-sided pop-up options. The dye-sublimated stretch tension fabric graphics provide a high-quality customized presentation that will leave a lasting impression.

Pop-up displays offer the fastest and easiest assembly of any trade show display. The graphics stay attached to the display hardware during shipping, so to assembly, just pop open the frame, attach the endcaps and you are done! The graphics generally affix to pop-up displays with velcro and are incredibly easy to change when updated designs are required. Pop-up displays are also available with silicone edge graphics (SEG) tension fabric graphics, if desired. Our pop-up displays are ideal for fast trade show booth set up, step and repeat backdrops, stage backwalls, career and job fairs, retail environments and any marketing event.