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Replacement Graphic for Xpressions Snap Displays

Xpressions display has several frames and numerous skins which add up to a great variety of configurations. If you have already Xpressions Snap Pop Up display and want to refresh design or change information, you do not need to replace entire graphic as on regular displays. Shop for separate replacement skins here.
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Graphic for Xpressions Snap Displays

Xpressions SNAP is the ultimate in frame-graphic technology! Create a stunning 3-dimensional display to increase your sales... in a SNAP! Twelve standard frames, two planes for integrated graphics, and infinite configurations, offer you a visual playground to create dramatic effects. Xpressions offers endless design possibilities! The Xpressions frame is shipped with the fabric skins fully attached. The portable, lightweight frame makes your display set-up a SNAP! No tools or event labor required. With both hands, evenly grasp the right and left side of the center quad within the frame, then gently lift upward. Strong magnetic connectors "SNAP" lock the frame automatically within seconds! The versatility of this frame allows you to change graphics in the field easily, creating a totally fresh display. The Xpressions SNAP! is truly unlike any display! Let your imagination flow and watch your sales soar! Your message deserves the best! Beware of the imitators, provide your customers with the authentic original Xpressions SNAP! and benefit from its no questions asked lifetime frame warranty!

Xpressions Skin Types

Flat Skins:
Skin has all connection points on the same plane of the display. i.e., all front or all back
Flat (front) 3 flat (fronts) skins on a 1x3 unit

Threaded Skins:
Skin threads from one plane to the other in a parallel manner.
Flat (front) 3 flat (fronts) skins on a 1x3 unit

Single Twist Skins:
Skin has only one connection point on a different plane. i.e. a 1x1 single twist would have three connections to the front and one connection to the back of the display.
A 1x2 single twist would have five connections to one plane for example, the front and only one connection to the back of the display.
Flat (front) 3 flat (fronts) skins on a 1x3 unit

Double Twist Skins:
Skin has two opposing corner connection points on one plane, and the other opposing corners on the other.

Diamond Skins:
Skin appears as a diamond on the display. Pyramid frames create a unique exception. See the Special Note on Pyramid Skins below.

Skins on Pyramids:
Pyramid frames are constructed of the same quads as other Xpressions® SNAP!™ frames. The difference is that the quads, not the skins are rotated to the left. Skins placed on Pyramid frames are also considered rotated. On a Pyramid frame, a 2x2 flat will appear as a Diamond but it is not. On a Pyramid frame, a Diamond will appear as a larger version of the 1x1 flat but it is not.