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SEG Trade Show Backwall Displays

Our tension fabric frames with silicone-edged Trade Shows keep images tight and make changing images simple, just push the silicone edge into the groove on the frame and the new image is securely stretched in place. Frames can be mounted to the wall, ceiling or used as a floor display depending on which accessories you use.
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SEG Systems Fabric Frames and Displays

This Display uses Silicone Edge Trade Shows (SEG), which are simple to install and replace, and are machine washable. The light weight aluminum frame needs no tools, and collapses and folds up quickly and easily for set up and dismantle.

To set-up the Silicone-Edged Trade Shows Tension Fabric Frame Displays , you only need to unpack the frame, lay it down and straighten it out. Then install the fabric graphic by pushing the silicone bead on the edge of the Trade Show into the grooves in the frame. Finally, just turn the feet out. In less than 10 minutes you're ready to stand up your great looking Silicone-Edged Trade Shows Tension Fabric Frame Display!

Resort Extrusions

Introducing new product lines for the Resort Extrusions - an expanding family of standard- and custom-size extrusions of varied widths and compositions. Vail and Big Sky join already-existing Resorts Extrusions: Aspen, Mammoth and Whistler. All five Resort Extrusions are aluminum and equipped for Silicone Edge Trade Shows (SEG), yet each hold true to their individual style. What makes them different? Vail comes in profile widths of 40mm, 60mm and 100mm with a smooth outside finish. Aspen's finish has a line groove, like an indented stripe, for added style. Big Sky is a corner extrusion to create a 3-D display, like the Big Sky Tower or Counter. Furthermore, you can upgrade to toolless connectors for the Vail and Whistler; add lights (ladder or edge-lit) for the Mammoth, Whistler, or Vail*; add eye hooks for hanging overhead, feet for free-standing, or wall mounts for wall attachment. *Only available for the Vail-100D (s-s/d-s), Vail-120D (s-s/d-s), or Vail-60S (s-s).

Aspen Fabric Frame

The ASPEN extrusion is similar to the VAIL-40D, except that the outside finish has a line groove, like an indented stripe, that is purposeful for easily installing accessories. Plus, it contributes a difference in style.

Customize using ranging widths and heights of 2' to 10'. Single-sided or double-sided Trade Show options available. Floor, ceiling and wall mount display accessories (see options below)

Aspen Fabric Frame Backwall

The Aspen Fabric Backwalls is the perfect blend of class and versatility, great for the retail environment. The sleek, silver frames, available in various widths and heights, create a sophisticated look for your fabric graphic. With the rubber beading edge, simply push the Trade Shows into the frame recessed grooves to install. Remove SEG Trade Show and replace as current trends change. Hang from the ceiling, affix to the wall, or stand on the floor using different accessories.

Mammoth Modular Displays

The Mammoth Fabric Frame System is the perfect blend of class and versatility. The edges of the fabric press into the frame making Trade Show installation and change out simple. Available in various width and height configurations as well as double sided display. Floor, ceiling, and all mounted display is possible with the use of optional accessories.