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Stackable 3D Shapes

Stackable 3D Shapes

With our large selection of 3D custom printed shapes your imagination is the only limiter on accessorizing your trade show or event space. Use them to highlight a product, stack them to build a wall, want a tower - stack 'em up!

High quality printed graphics can be easily swapped or changed when you want to deliver a new marketing message or want to change up your look.

Tension fabric cubes provide multiple sides to customize a branding message, while triangles provide a unique shape not often seen within trade show booths.

xyzDisplays' stackable shapes are available in a variety of sizes, further allowing you to create a unique 3dimensional component to your space. For example stack a large cube on top of a jumbo rectangle, and top it off with a small triangle - instant trade show tower!

What's more, each of these shapes work wonderfully with any of the other multitude of trade show products that we sell - pop-up backwalls, tensions fabric walls, backlit displays, hanging signs, and counters.

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