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Backlit Trade Show Towers

Highlight your trade show booth with an illuminated column or backlit square or triangular tower. Display options include extrusion frames with SEG Trade Shows, inflatable towers with custom premium stretch fabric prints and tubing frame based displays with stretch fabric graphics. Standard sizes range from 5ft to 20ft and everything in between. Custom shapes and sizes are available upon request. Trade Show backlit tower displays are a popular and aesthetically-pleasing addition for your next exhibit booth layout.
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Illuminated Trade Show Towers and Column Displays

Backlit tower displays are excellent and eye-catching products to add to your trade show booth space. Illuminated Trade Shows and portability make these displays an easy option to add value to your product, brand, or company. Light box towers are quickly becoming some of the most popular trade show displays, as they can be seamlessly integrated within any existing or new exhibit booth layout. Adding towers to the front corners of your booth can draw trade show attendees in, or interspersed towers can organize and improve the flow of a retail space or showroom.

Our backlit tower displays are free-standing, coming in many different sizes to fit your exhibit booth or marketing space. The elegant designs paired with the brilliance of dye-sublimated Trade Shows bring out high-quality imagery and color like no other display.

Our towers are available in three different fabrications - Extrusion Frames with SEG Trade Shows, Inflatable Towers with Stretch Fabric Trade Shows, Tubing Frame Displays with Stretch Fabric Trade Shows

Extrusion Frames with SEG Trade Shows

Silicone-Edged Trade Shows (SEG) are printed on stretch fabric, then finished with a thin, silicone strip sewn directly to the edge of the fabric. For installation, the silicone strip is inserted into the recessed channel that’s found along the perimeter of the extrusion metal frame. SEG displays allow for a smooth clean finished look to your backlit tower. As an added benefit, new Trade Shows are easily replaced! The light weight aluminum frames are easy to assembly, dismantle and ship to your next trade show event.

The Big Sky line of backlit tower displays offers a great selection of extrusion frames with SEG receptive frames. These illuminated towers go as high as 16ft into the air and are sure to grab attention at the show!

Inflatable Towers with Stretch Fabric Trade Shows

Experience a 360° backlit marketing surface that lights up a room. Go from flat packed to fully inflated in under 15 seconds. The WaveLight Air Inflatable Backlit Tower has an inner core that is durable, stable and strong enough to sit on without collapsing. A self-locking quick-release air valve makes it easy to inflate without loosing air and just as easy to deflate with the push of a button. Our R&D has shown these illuminated towers can stay inflated for 3+ months (but possibly much longer).
The WaveLight Air Backlit Trade Show is a single-sided, wrinkle-resistant, stretch fabric material printed using the latest dye-sublimation technology. Combined with the LED Backlit Core your graphics look more brilliant and vibrant. The display design allows you to leave the fabric attached to the tower during storage for rapid deploy next time.
WaveLight Air Backlit inflatable towers are the most popular options on the market today, partially because of the very attractive price, but also, because they exceed expectations again and again.

Tubing Frame Displays with Stretch Fabric Trade Shows

Formulate Backlit Cylinder and Funnel fabric graphic tower displays are elegant in design, with a full 360 degree rounded surface. An LED lighted strip illuminates from within, and superior Trade Shows are wrapped around, reaching from the top to the sophisticated white matte base. The Formulate Backlit Cylinder and Funnel Towers are guaranteed to attract attention when placed anywhere within your booth, retail, or showroom space and Trade Shows are easily interchangeable.