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Turntable Accessories

Accessories for turntables and rotators are available to help you customize your project.
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Rotators and Spinners for all Advertising Displays

Rotators and Spinners for presentations and trade shows, mains and battery powered display motors, electric motors, gear motors for displays and industrial applications.

xyzDisplays is distributor of Sign Rotators, Display Turntables, Hanging Banner Spinners and Animation mechanisms to provide motion for any product you wish to advertise or display. Our high quality "off-the-shelf" rotator units are a cost effective way to rotate anything weighing from 20 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. We offer a large selection of rotators and spinners to rotate signs of all shapes, sizes, and electrical requirements including spinning LCD and Plasma television signs. Specific actions, time delay, acceleration, deceleration, sequencing, RPM control and location adjustment are also available using computer technology.