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Outdoor LED Walls

Outdoor LED walls can be scaled up or down and used in practically any outdoor environment or event. Popular uses include sporting events, fairs, festivals, and entertainment venues. These walls can be truss mounted, attached to a wall or building, or attached to a ground support structure. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs or project.
The primary difference between indoor and outdoor panels is resolution. Indoor panels generally have higher resolutions, are less durable to weather, and consume less power. For all these reasons, we recommend indoor panels, unless you need to use an outdoor screen.  Since outdoor panels are usually seen from further distances, screen resolution will be lower. Outdoor LED panels will likely be brighter because they are used in sunlight. Also, outdoor panels will be more durable as they need to withstand weather conditions: dust, moisture, dirt, etc. Outdoor panels will consume more energy as well. Outdoor panels are more expensive than indoor ones.