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UltraThin Menuboards

Bring energy and visual appeal to your menuboards with the power of light!

Our UltraThin interlocking menuboards offer brilliant back-lit images and a modular design that allows for easy expansion.

Available in many sizes and layouts, our menuboards feature changeable images and pricing systems. Interlocking, modular design Fits any space and application-wall, ceiling, counter, pedestal, exterior Even turns 90 corners!

  • Removable peel and stick pricing (optional)
  • Magnetic and slat channel items and pricing (optional)
  • Non-glare surface (optional)
  • Brilliant back-lit images and menu items
  • Use colored headings or pricing (optional)
  • Incorporate your logo and typestyle
  • Vast stock image collection available online Menuboard Programs

Our Menuboard Program features four sets of pre-designed menu templates that work with our modular display systems.

This program offers an easy way to create a large menuboard display by connecting multiple units and allows for easy expansion. Design exactly the configuration you want, choose the images you like, and we will lay out your menu for one low package price.

Units come complete and ready to hang in 17", 25", 33", 41" and 51" heights for a custom fit anywhere, even around corners!