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Heavy Duty Indoor Turntables

Our heavy duty motorized turntables are professional grade, long-lasting and designed for 24/7 use!  These motors are ideal for rotating heavy and large objects, including retail store displays, humans for photography, sculptures, large products, motorcycles and more.  Whether you need motion to get your product noticed, highly specific programing for medical devices or unique complex projects, we have you covered.  Our rotators can be engineered to meet any project, including extreme weights, oscillating features, variable speed and more. If you require a rotator for outdoor use, please view our Outdoor Turntables.  For hanging units, frame-style and more, please visit our main turntable category.
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The IR-650 is an updated version of the IR-600 with a more robust design and greater amount of torque. Unit is completely interchangeable with existing IR-300/600 installations. Comes with pre-tapped holes in the turntable that make mounting quick. IR-650 lb Cap Motorized Turntable
Our Price: $1,071.00

The Showroom Mini unit is uniquely designed to handle substantial weight and unbalance weights. Comes standard with direction control switch, rotating wires, and 22" x 22" base and cover. Supports 1000 pounds in compression weight. Showroom 360 Mini
Our Price: $4,025.00

Heavy Duty Display Turntables (Rotators and Spinners)

Our motors are strong, long-lasting and ideal for use in both temporary and permanent POP displays. They can be used with any display, situated anywhere in retail stores, showrooms, trade show booths or any display space. Our high quality "off-the-shelf" rotator units are a cost effective way to rotate anything weighing from 20 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. We offer a large selection of rotators and spinners to rotate signs, products and displays of all shapes, sizes, and electrical requirements.

Customers use our motorized turntables to add spinning motion to trade show displays, light boxes, kiosks, humans, mannequins, Christmas trees, wedding cakes, motorcycles, photography, in-store displays, outdoor signs, medical devices, and much much more. The most popular applications for the rotating ceiling motors is to spin hanging banners, signs, displays and lights at trade shows, in retail stores windows and displays and at marketing events.

Our motors can be customized to meet any project requirements including extreme weights, oscillating features and more. Most units are designed for indoor use, but outdoor turntables are also available. Please call at (973-515-5151) or email to discuss project requirements.

Our Motors in Action!