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VAIL Frame Accessories

Vail connectors, feet, resort tools, lights, yeti side foot, resort ladder lights

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VAIL Fabric Frames

Vail-120DB is Resort Extrusion with a 120mm wide profile. This extrusion has a solid outside finish. Because the profile width is so thick, VAIL-120DB is especially good for free-standing large images (tall or wide) because it is more stable than the skinnier profile widths; however, it can be wall mounted or hung overhead. When installing javascript:;the fabric graphic, the keter can fit 12mm deep and 3mm wide into the keter trough. This extrusion is also compatible with ladder lights (comes with edge lights standard).

SEG Graphic

This Display uses Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG), which are simple to install and replace, and are machine washable. The light weight aluminum frame needs no tools, and collapses and folds up quickly and easily for set up and dismantle.

To set-up the Silicone-Edged Graphics Tension Fabric Frame Displays, you only need to unpack the frame, lay it down and straighten it out. Then install the fabric graphic by pushing the silicone bead on the edge of the graphic into the grooves in the frame. Finally, just turn the feet out. In less than 10 minutes you're ready to stand up your great looking Silicone-Edged Graphics Tension Fabric Frame Display!